• Quarter 3


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     Program Name

    Program Description

     Shape Up for PreK

    Freddy the Frog black background
    Come find shapes in the sky and in everyday life along with Freddy the Frog! Read More!
     Shape Up for K

    shape up 2015 

     Come find shapes in the sky and turn them into pictures! Read More!
     Tiny Trekkers 
    tiny trekkers
     Imagine Being an Astronaut And Taking a Trip into Space!  That’s what young astronauts will experience during the Tiny Trekkers Program. Excitement will build as they simulate a shuttle liftoff and carry out onboard explorations.  Students work with a partner and rotate through life, earth, and/or physical science stations as they complete a variety of activities similar to those of the astronauts! Read More!

    Astin's Sky Adventure 

      astin adventure2 

      This is an original story about Astin, a boy who dreams he has been transformed into a constellation, which enables him to fly about the Solar System for a look at the planets! Read More!
    Digging into the Past

    Digging into the past

    What can fossils tell us about the organisms from the past and those on Earth today?  Come dig into the past and find out! Read more!
     Ozobot Bit Computer Science Robotics Engineering

     Visiting 3rd and 4th grade students participating in the Science Center’s “Ozobot Bit Computer Science Engineering Program” will learn about coding robotic platforms as they use both visual, Ozo-Blockly and Ozo-Groove coding editors to program a miniature Ozobot robot to implement a series of fun tasks meeting specified outcome criteria.  Visiting students will also learn how to evaluate and if necessary, debug their program scripts.  Read More!
    Energy Systems
    energy systems1
     Ahoy Mates! Let’s go exploring in the Land Down Under to assimilate ourselves to one of the largest non-manmade ecosystems. Once fifth graders have suited up with their water gear, they’ll go exploring deep into the ecosystem of a coral reef during their expedition. Students masquerade as an aquatic reef dweller, scan a sandy shoreline for debris, get exposed to coral specimen, have a microscopic opportunity and safeguard life on this virtual reef. Read More!
    A "Little Bit" of Coding
    little bits image 2
    Explore the world of coding and have fun doing it using Little Bits electronics. Read More!
    8th Seasons and Phases
    whats up
    Students will discover how observations of the sky teach us about the seasons and the causes of moon phases. Look beyond textbook diagrams and learn how to experience this information directly!  Read More!



    Expedition Mars: CLC Mission
     lanham CLC logo Expedition Mars
    Mars beckons! Heed the call and voyage to our neighbor world. Read more! 
    Advanced Placement
    Gel Electrophoresis




    Students will conduct an inquiry process using techniques of gel electrophoresis that will help them meet their advance placement lab requirements. Read More!