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Welcome to Hollywood Elementary!


The staff and I extend a warm welcome to you and your children to Hollywood Elementary School ~ Where Everyone is a Star! 

        Our priorities for this school year will be to ensure that our students achieve at the highest levels.  We are prepared to work closely with you to bring out your children’s strengths, as well as help them through any obstacles to learning.  We will provide a safe and orderly environment to ensure that learning can take place.  It is important that we communicate often.  You will receive a bi-weekly newsletter informing you of what is happening at school, upcoming events that are taking place, and community information.  Information will also be posted on our school website, as well as links to our school system website and other sites of interest.  You can contact me and my staff through phone calls, email, or just stop by.  We have an open door policy, and you are always welcome! 


STAR Suggestions to assist our students to have success in school!

  1. Arrive at school on time.  The first bell allows students in at 7:35 am, and the second bell signals class is beginning at 7:45 am.  Breakfast is available in the classroom when students arrive.   
  2.  Develop reading stamina.  Students in grades kindergarten to 2nd grade need to engage in reading for 15 minutes each day.  Students in grades 3rd to 5th grade need to read for 20-30 minutes each day.
  3. Study in advance for tests.  Make sure students understand the vocabulary and review their notes from class.
  4. Memorize math facts.  Knowing the math facts makes solving difficult word problems much easier.
  5. Mind your manners.  Be sure to use please, thank you, and I’m sorry to build positive relationships with students and adults.
  6. Ask to see your child’s class work and agenda book.  The students record their homework assignments each day.  It is helpful for parents to review them with the student to make sure they are completed.
  7. Prepare at night.  Before going to bed, lay out tomorrow’s outfit, make sure lunch or money is ready and the backpack is packed with homework and other books.  Place the backpack, shoes and jacket by the front door.  This will help eliminate morning issues.
  8. Add money to the lunch account
  9. Come to school ready to learn.  Establish a bedtime routine.  After a good night’s rest, students are ready to tackle their school responsibilities.


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