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          The English Department of High Point High School is committed to the literary, linguistic, and personal growth of children.  As teachers of language arts, we recognize that the mastery of English provides students with opportunities for educational and personal development and that literature and language play a major role in adults’ vocational and avocational lives.  Consequently, we strive to instill in our students a life-long thirst for knowledge and an enduring command of oral and written expression.

          A major component of our philosophy is the belief that all students have intrinsic worth and are capable of learning when they are presented with meaningful, challenging information; therefore, using a wide variety of instructional strategies, we execute language arts lessons that foster in students the ability to think critically, to express ideas fluently and cogently, and to listen actively.  In addition, understanding that education is more relevant to students when they are actively involved, we provide a wide variety of contemporary performance-based activities such as Kagan strategies, cooperative learning, oral presentations, and field trips.  Likewise, because we recognize that human beings possess multiple intelligences and different learning styles, pupils are exposed to curricular activities and teaching methods which address their particular needs.

          While we believe the classroom teacher plays a major role in creating a life-long learner, parents and the community are crucial components of our endeavor.  Furthermore, young people must work consistently and diligently to master English.  We strongly encourage and welcome parents and community leaders to become actively involved in the education of children.

          Finally, in our quest to create life-long learners, we believe it is imperative to teach essential reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills; to recognize our responsibility as role models for youngsters; and to provide the highest caliber of instruction.  Our ultimate objective is to assist all young people in acquiring the habits, skills, and knowledge which will enable them to become informed, productive citizens of our global society. 


    Courses Taught: *

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     Honors Courses  




     ELA 9 




     ELA 10 




     ELA 11  




     Advanced Placement Courses 




       AP English Language and Composition

     AP Language (grade 11) 




     AP 12 Literature (grade 12)  




     Non-Honors Courses 




     ELA 9 




     ELA 10 




     ELA 11 




     ELA 12  




    Freshman Focus

    Dean Plastrik  





     Drama I, II, III 




     Journalism II Newspaper 




     Journalism II Yearbook   




     Research/Writing the Term Paper  




    Special Courses  

    AP Seminar 

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    *Note:  If enrollment numbers for a particular elective decline below what the count requires, the course will not be offered. 

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    Anyone with questions should contact Sheila M. Braxton, English Department Teacher Coordinator/Instructional Coordinator (sbraxton@pgcps.org).