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@ The Park
HIGHLAND PARK EAGLES Are Committed to Excellence...Soaring to New Heights!!

 Vision and Goals


 Highland Park Elementary Talented and Gifted School is a student focused, nurturing, and engaging learning environment, which provides a culture of mutual respect and high academic achievement through rigorous instructional program that will prepare students to be college and career ready


1. To provide rigorous differentiated instruction that advances the learning of all students. 

2. To develop critical thinking, problem-solving learners that will be college and career ready.

3. To provide the freedom to teach and learn in a safe and orderly environment.

4. To provide continuous learning opportunities for teachers in order to develop master instructors of learning.

5. To build partnerships with parents and the business community that enhance teaching and learning for students.


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  School Bus  

I am a Highland Park Eagle.    

I believe in me.    

I will do my best because education is important to me.    

I was born to succeed because I will shape the future.    

In order to be successful I must first respect myself and others.    

I must take responsibility for my actions.    

It is up to me to be prepared and to be organized;    

To listen, complete all of my assignments and study with perseverance and determination.    

I can dream anything,    

Do anything    

Create anything,    

Become anything,    

I will accept nothing less    

Because I am a Highland Park Eagle and    

I believe in me.