College and Career Expo
13 October 2014
We need presenters! If you are interested please contact Ms. Bartley, or download the information, HERE! 

                                                    School Hours 2014-2015

7:45 a.m. - 1:55 p.m.


   Mustang Pride 
Respectful * Responsible * Ready to Learn! 
Philosophy Statement
We believe: 
  • All students can learn and that we can teach them in a manner that will assure knowledge, acquisition, skill development, and self actualization.
  • The outcome of the educational experience is successful participation in adulthood.
  • Students should have many and varied opportunities to learn.
  • Students should have many and varied opportunities to use the knowledge and skills they learn.
  • The teaching learning process must be adjusted to meet the special and unique needs of each student. Students must receive feedback on their performance.
  • The Heather Hills experience must develop competency in at least five areas of human activity:  Basic Skills, Citizenship, Work Habits, Problem Solving,  and the Interrelated Arts and Physical Activity.


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