GPHS Good News
Today ProStart I, ProStart II, International Cuisine and Foods & Nutrition students served and lead a cooking demonstration for the Capital Area Food Bank. Students and I did not know what food items were being delivered until delivery. Upon delivery, students quickly researched and found healthy recipes and demo how to prepare some of the food items that were being given out.   Students prepared Spiced Maple Bananas, Sweet Potatoes Hash Browns, 3 Ingredient Banana Pancakes, and Potatoes and Onions. Students also provided the recipes for each dish that was prepared, so the people were able to go home and prepared it for themselves. 
If it were not for the vision of Mrs. Critten and her continued support and dedication towards helping students and people, then this could not been possible. Mrs. Critten also had 8 students, 2 teachers, 3 school counselors besides myself.  All recognition should be towards Mrs. Critten for her continued service and dedication. 
The following Academy Students were apart of today's event are as followed:
Krystina Dorsey- ProStart II- 12th grader
London Rorie - Graphic Arts- 12th grader
Dasjah Douglas-ProStart I- 11th grader
Mikhi Jackson- ProStart 1- 11th grader
Domonique Watts- International Cuisine 10th grader
Jazymn Wilkins - International Cuisine - 10th grader
Brandon Turner- 10th grader (Inspiring Foods and Nutrition Student)
Trinity Fairconeture - 9th grader- Foods and Nutrition
Please get the other names of students from Mrs. Critten.
Also, I saw Ms. Helena Zango from the Fire Cadets Academy help package and distribute food items.  College and Career Academy Students ROCK!!!  These students are representing their Academy and GPHS in great and positive ways.  I'm proud of our Academy Team.
Thanks to  Ms. Pellum who came out and supported her 12th graders and thanks to Ms. Edwards for her leadership over the Academy Teachers and counselors.
Mrs. Williams


In March at Wise HS, the GPHS Concert Band Scored an Excellent Rating from the judges on the floor(I-II-II)
and Superior Rating of (I) in the Sight Reading at Grade Level 3 at the 2016 PGCPS Southern Area Assessment Fetival!!

Despite the power outage that occurred prior to our arrival, the students of the band displayed poise and determination in representing Gwynn Park and themselves in a professional and dignified manner and received kudos form the adjudicators and the Instrumental Music Supervisor for their discipline and appearance.

These students have come from a very long way at the beginning of the academic year when some were mere novices and have become proven young musicians and citizens of the Gwynn Park school community. I am very proud of these students and their achievements this year. The following students are members of this fine ensemble who participated in Friday's assessment:

Christina Stancil Flute, Piccolo *Senior
Serenity Coleman Flute
Aria Lowery Clarinet *Senior
Indea Kirby Clarinet
Christian Waldon Clarinet
Ashley Brown Clarinet
Taylor Burke Clarinet
Andre Newman Bass Clarinet/ Bassoon
Devin Wallace Alto Saxophone *Senior 
James Pinkney Alto Saxophone 
Kason Bibb insurance Tenor Saxophone
Larlon Hinton Trumpet 
Aaron Pair Trumpet 
Denzell Savoy Trumpet
Christopher Bailey Trumpet
Brandon Foskey French Horn
Ian Musee Euphonium 
Joseph Brooks Tuba
Brandon Thompson Percussion *Senior
Antwaan Easton Percussion *Senior 
Tristan Watkins Percussion 
DaQuan Houston Percussion

If you have any of these students, please congratulate them and encourage them to continue their musical pursuits.

Congratulations to Ms. Erica Mack and her students for their successful participation in this year's PGCPS Vocal Solo and Ensemble Festival. 

This has been an OUTSTANDING Music in our Schools month for the GPHS Music Department and it's constituent ensembles.

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