• Program Description & Goals

    Program Description

     The Alternative Academy is a one-year program designed to provide instruction for students in need of an alternative educational setting in grades 6-10. The program affords students the opportunity to earn the grades and/or credits to needed to advance to their correct grade level. There is a focus on student engagement, academic interventions and goal development. The programmatic concepts of Individual Learning Plans, Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS), monitored attendance, mandatory school uniforms and small interactive classes are designed for positive student skill development. The program requires parents to attend quarterly parent meetings/workshops.

    School Goals

         •       To earn the grades and/or credits needed to advance to their correct grade level.

         •       To successfully return to their communities with a repertoire of meaningful academic and social skills.

         •       To increase their learning through an expanded use of technological resources.

         •       To prepare for the High School Assessments.

         •       To complete their 24 independent hours of required service learning.