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    In School Suspension Center

    Mr. Reese

         In-School-Suspension is an in-house program to which a student may be assigned for a short period of time instead of out-of-school suspension.  It is designed to counteract many of the negative effects of suspension.  Instructional time can continue without interruption and special academic help can be provided as needed.  ISS also overcomes the major shortcomings of traditiional suspension, because it does not deprive students of an educational experience.  Students can still accomplish their assigned work by their classroom teachers.  They also have the assistance of an adult to ensure completion of all work.  ISS is also a response to the increasing numbers of out-of school suspensions, truancies and the general public's perception of discipline laxity in schools. This strategy provides a specific disciplinary action that a school can take to keep students already having difficulties in school, and to give administrators the authority to use out-of-school suspension for more serious discipline offenses.