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Frequently Asked Questions - Middle School


  How do I find out what grades a student has earned?   Back to top 

 Student progress can be monitored online by parents and students who have registered on SchoolMAX, the online student information system that keeps track of attendance, grades and discipline.  On the pgcps.org homepage, click “Parents,” click “SchoolMAX Family Portal,” and register using the parent access key provided by the school.  Parents can also contact the school counselor or classroom teacher for grade information.        

 All students receive progress reports at the middle of each quarter and report cards quarterly.  Those dates are available online from the pgcps.org homepage by clicking “Calendar,” or by picking up a printed calendar from the main office or counselors’ office.     

  Parent conferences are encouraged at any time during the school year.   Contact your school counselors’ office to find out the process to schedule a parent conference.   

  What does the grade show about what a student has learned?  Back to top 


 The grade tells how much the student demonstrates he or she knows, understands, or is able to do as a result of a learning activity. In an attempt to create a report card that more accurately reflects student performance, the high school report card will now report the numeric grade for each course each quarter. The report card will report the numeric grade and a table on the report card will allow the parent to convert the numeric score to an alpha grade. In the computation of the final grade, SchoolMAX will average the quarterly grades.   

 The letter grades used on report cards are A, B, C, D, E, I, P, F, and W, with no plus or minus signs.   


  •  A -- Excellent progress toward meeting course objectives and learning outcomes (90-100%).   
  •  B -- Above average progress toward meeting course objectives and learning outcomes (80-89%).   
  •  C -- Average progress toward meeting course objectives and learning outcomes (70-79%).   
  •  D -- Below Average progress toward meeting course objectives and learning outcomes (60-69%).   
  •  E -- Failure toward meeting course objectives and learning outcomes (below 60%).   
  •  I -- Incomplete. (The "I" grade may be used temporarily for secondary students who have been lawfully absent from school and have not had an opportunity to make up missed work in a timely manner. The "I" grade will not be included in the calculations of the student's Grade Point Average.)   
  •  P - Pass (credit bearing).F -- Fail (not credit bearing).   
  •  W -- Withdrawn. Student drops a course after twenty (20) school days from the start of the course or ten (10) days in a semester course. "W" does not factor into grade averaging. A student will receive a failing grade (“E”) for assignments, tests, or quizzes when he or she has cheated; fails to produce work by the deadline; has been lawfully absent but fails to produce make-up work by the deadline; has been unlawfully absent; or demonstrates unsatisfactory progress (below 60%).   

  How much is class work, homework, or assessments worth?   Back to top 


 Students are graded on class work, homework, and assessments in each subject.  Each subject area has grading factors that determine how much value each category is worth.  See the grading factors for the subject area.   


  How many grades does a student receive in a class?  Back to top 

 Each subject area teacher must record a minimum of two grades per week in SchoolMax; more than two is highly recommended. If a week is shortened by two days, a minimum of one grade will be required. If a class meets only once per week, only one grade will be recorded.   

  How is grade point average or GPA decided?  Back to top 

 Report card letter grades are changed to the following numerical equivalents to compute the GPA: A = 4.00 B = 3.00 C = 2.00 D = 1.00 E = 0.00   

 Three GPAs are computed for secondary students in Prince George’s County Public Schools.   

 A quarterly GPA will appear on each quarterly report card.  The credit value of each course receiving an A, B, C, D, or E for the quarter is divided by the number of quarterly grades that the course receives during the year (quarterly credit).  For each course receiving an A, B, C, D, or E, the quarterly credit is multiplied by the grade points awarded for that course.  The sum of the products is divided by the sum of quarterly credits.   

 A final, end-of-year GPA will appear on the final report card, the student record card, and the computer printed student record card. The sum of the products of the quality points awarded in each attempted course is multiplied by the credit value in the same course.  The sum of those products is divided by the sum of the credits attempted.   

 A cumulative GPA is calculated for all courses bearing credit. The sum of the products of the grade points awarded in each attempted course (receiving an A, B, C, D, or E) is multiplied by the credit value in the same course.  The sum of all credits is divided by the sum of all credits attempted including High School Credit for Middle School Coursework, day, evening, and summer school courses from initial entry into Grade 9 through dates of issue.   

  How does a student get on the honor roll?  Back to top 

  Principal’s Honor Roll students have at least a 4.0 GPA (see computing grade point average) with no grade on the report card below an “A”. Honor Roll students have at least a 3.0 GPA or higher with no grade lower than a “C”.  

  When is make-up work allowed?  Back to top  

 Students who are considered lawfully absent from a class (See Administrative Procedure 5113) will have the opportunity to make up missed assignments. The number of days allowed to make up missed work will be equivalent to the number of days of lawful absences. This timeline will begin when the teacher provides the student with the assignments within 48 hours of the request. Students who fail to complete missed assignments within the allotted time will receive 0 (zero) for each assignment.  

  What grades do transfer students receive?  Back to top 

 The grades of students who transfer into PGCPS from an accredited/approved school are averaged with grades earned in PGCPS for similar courses to determine a marking period grade. Students who transfer into PGCPS from non-accredited or unapproved schools are not granted credit, unless they pass a subject area test. Only the counselors of the International School Counseling Office (ISCO) evaluate international student records for grade level and the awarding of high school credit.  

How is it decided whether a student is promoted to the next grade?  Back to top 

 Guidelines for promotion are given in Administrative Procedure 5123.2 Promotion, Retention and Acceleration of Students.  All students are expected to successfully complete all subjects taken. In the absence of successful completion, promotion to the next grade shall be by action of the middle school principal, upon recommendation of the School Instructional Team to which the student has been assigned.  For purposes of clarification in this procedure a middle school student is any student in grade 6 (including elementary based), 7, and 8  

  How do I know how many service hours are on record?  Back to top 

 The report card should show the number of service hours that have been earned to date.  Please contact the guidance counselor at your school if you have questions about the number of hours.  


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