Parent Volunteers

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Parents are strongly encouraged to be an active particpant in their students success at Glenn Dale Elementary.

If you would like to particiapte in field trips and other events at Glenn Dale you must be fingerprinted first.              

Please contact the fingerprinting office at:

14201 School Lane
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772


1. Volunteers and mentors working in a capacity where uncontrolled

access is anticipated, such as those working with students in an

unsupervised capacity on school grounds, off of school property, or

after school are required to be fingerprinted and complete a full

fingerprint background check and form.

2. Volunteers working in a capacity where no uncontrolled access is

anticipated on a one time basis only, or on a sporadic basis, do not need

to be fingerprinted, i.e. parents volunteering for career day, book fairs,

school dances, or other one time events.

3. Parents and volunteers who volunteer in a classroom on a regular basis

in a supervised setting must obtain a commercial background check

through PGCPS on an annual basis.

4. Chaperones who will participate in a day field trip or an overnight

school trip are considered to be volunteers and must undergo a

commercial background check initiated by PGCPS through the

Fingerprinting Office before performing duties.




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