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Mandatory Dress Code
A representation of parents, students and teachers formulated the student dress policy for Friendly High School. It reflects standards held in common by the Friendly community and incorporates the Prince George’s County Public Schools system-wide dress code for students.

  • Slacks: Young men and women will wear tan khaki pants.
  • Shorts: Young men and women will wear tan khaki knee-length or longer shorts.
  • Skirts: Young women will wear knee-length or longer skirts.
  • Shirts/Tops: Young men and women will wear shortor long-sleeve red or royal blue polo shirts with or without the school logo. A short or long-sleeve Light Blue Oxford shirt may be worn for field trips and special assemblies (i.e. Honor Roll, SAT Hall of Fame, Honor Society inductions).
  • Sweaters: (Sweater styles include Cardigan and V-neck.)
  • Solid Red or Royal Blue.
  • Belts: Solid Black.
  • Shoes: (Shoe styles include tennis shoes and boots.)
  • Solid Black Shoes
  • Ladies choosing to wear high heels two (2) inches or less. No slippers, house shoes, open-toed sandals, flip-flops.
  • Head Coverings: As is stated in the PGCPS System-Wide Dress Code for Students, “Headdresses can be worn indoors for religious or health reasons only.” Official documentation must be provided to the appropriate grade-level administrator.
  • All pants must be appropriately sized to eliminate any bagging or sagging. No visible labels or logos on any article of clothing are allowed.
  • Shirts are to be tucked into the pants and skirts. A belt must be worn if belt loops are on the garment.
  • Slacks and skirts are to be worn at the natural waist level.
  • These styles and fabrics are not permitted:
    • Stretch or form-fitting clothing
    • Baggy pants
    • Jeans or denim
    • Cargo or painter pants
    • Cargo shorts
    • Hooded clothing
    • Cropped shirts
    • Jackets and coats may not be worn in classrooms

 Enforcement Procedures

Uniform compliance and enforcement will begin the first day of school. As stated, students are not required to purchase logo items and may purchase school uniform items from any retail store.

Dress Policy violations and Consequences

First offense of the stated policies, the student will receive a warning and the administrator will contact the parent or guardian;

Second offense of the stated policies, the student will serve either morning or afternoon detention;

Third offense of the stated policies, the administrator will request a parent conference;

Subsequent violations will be deemed as persistent disobedience or insubordination and will be dealt with according to the Student Code of Conduct. Consequences may include removal from class or suspension.

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