Prince George's County Public Schools







 Acree, Jennifer      

 Art Chair          


 Adams, Raynah           



 Aldridge, Chinwe      

Science Chair              


 Arguelles, Jessica           



 Autrey, Bonita          



 Bacon, Esther          

 Security Aide          


 Barbella, Maria           

 World Languages (Spanish)      


 Barnes, Joycelin           

 Family & Consumer Science          


 Battle, Tara          



 Billingslea, Doris           

 Business Education Chair     


 Bobadilla, Angelisa           



 Brown, Lawrence

Athletic Director


 Buckingham, Catherine           

Work Study Coordinator              


 Bussey, Valerie           

 CRI Instructor


 Cartwright, Debra           

 Special Education Dept. Chair          


 Catron-Feazell, LaTanya      

 12th Grade Assistant Principal         


 Champagne, Brooke



 Cowan, Frances           

 10th Grade Assistant Principal           


 Culpepper, Trevia           

 Mathematics Dept. Chair      


 Cunningham-Bailey, Davonne             

 CRI Paraprofessional          


 Dent, Desirae           

 9th Grade Counselor and 10th grade students with last names A-D         


 Ecton, Brian         



 Eller, Jennifer      



 Fain, John           

 World Languages Chair  


 Floresca, Analiza           



 Ford, Jonene           

 Family Consumer Science          


 Freeman, Barbara           

 Business Education       


 Gafney, Julia           

 Social Studies          


 Gamnje, Bih           

 World Languages (French)          


 Gibson, Sharon       

 Library Media Specialist       


 Green, John       

 CRI Aide Paraprofessional      


 Guiles, Anna           



 Guillermo, Jaivy           



 Harris, Linda           

 Special Education          


 Heard-Dunn, Pauline      

 Hearing Resource                 


 Hensley, Sarah       

 CRI Instructor


 Hogans, Bernard           

 11th Grade Assistant Principal           


 Holliday, Donna         

 Master Scheduler        


 Isom, Jocelyn 

 Pupil Personnel Worker   


 Jeffery, Kathryn           

 Financial Secretary          


 John, Kathie           



 Johnson, Adrienne           

Testing Coordinator              


Jones-Harris, De’Lavichia           

 Principal's Secretary          


 Kamara, Sam           

 Business Education       


 Lane, Tawana        

 English Chair/College and Career Readiness Instructor


 Lanier, Billy

Special Education


 Layton, Rebecca         

 Social Studies       


 Lee, William       



 Manning, Lue  

 Social Studies  


 Mariano-Dolesh, Ma Luisa           



 McCann, William           

 Security Aide          


 Meullion, Quentin           

 Physical Education         


 Miller-Bevins, Tiffany           

 Special Education          


Montue, Nanette           

 Secretary - Guidance Dept.          


 Moore, Carmen

 Cafeteria Supervisor


 Naldo, May



 Newman, Wanda               



 Oliver, Dione           



 Onochie, Audrey



 Owens, Regina         



 Pace, Janis         

 Family & Consumer Science            


 Palamos-Trout, Doralie         

 CRI Instructor


 Parker, Francenia           



 Parker Sr., James     

 Ortho Paraprofessional         


 Parker Jr., James         

 CRI Paraprofessional            


 Plana-Hutt, Anya           

 CRI Chair          


 Pope-Brown, Robin           

 9th Grade Assistant Principal          


 Quaweay, Peter           

 Social Studies              


 Rawles, Sylvia           



 Reddick-Little, Karen           

 Hearing Resource Chair            


 Reynolds, Dwight           



 Reynolds, Erin               

 Social Studies      


 Rhoan, Ja'Net           



 Roberson, Larry          

 Special Education               


 Robertson, Tonya          

 Business Education   


 Robertson, Venecia

 CRI Paraprofessional


 Robinson, Bernard          

 Building Supervisor         


 Rowe, Shural         

 Auditorium Technician             


 Salemie, Beverly           



 Sammons, Jessica           



 Scott, Nadine           

 Secretary/Office Manager           


 Seale, Enrique           

 Technology Coordinator          


 Shumate, Charlotte           

 CRI Paraprofessional              


 Sibbald, Laura  

 Speech Language Pathologist 


 Smith Flint, Tamala           

 11th Grade Counselor and 10th grade students with last names E-P


 Soave, Marco

 NJROTC Instructor


 Spencer, Daryal         

 Ortho Paraprofessional         


 Stembridge, Monica           



 Strickland, Susan           

 Social Studies Dept. Chair          


 Sy, Evangeline           



Thompson, Catherine

Hearing Resource Paraprofessional (Deaf) 

Please use email.

 Tucker, Amber           

 12th Grade Counselor and 10th grade students with last names Q-Z       


 Walls, Anita           



 Weems, Megan           

 Social Studies      


 White, Elenita           



 Wilkinson, Linda           



 Williams, Baiyina



 Williams, Jason           



 Williams, Keith           

 Special Education              


 Winbush, Ronald

 CRI Paraprofessional


 Young, Arthur           




Information Section

  Quick News   


What is Bullying?

Bullying is unwanted behavior that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated over time with the intent to cause harm. Bullying behavior may include: making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and deliberately excluding someone from a group.

Friendly High School does not tolerate bullying. If you or someone you know is being bullied, please fill out the online form to report any bullying, harassment or intimidation.