Francis T. Evans Elementary School opened in 1968.  It is named after air force pilot Captain Francis T. Evans (1921-1953).  Francis T. Evans lost his life in an attempt to keep his stricken aircraft from crashing into Forestville Elementary School.    Approaching Andrews Air Force Base for a landing, he reported that his F860 Sabrejet’s  Hydraulic System was not operating properly.  Since this condition affects the landing mechanism of the aircraft, a pilot usually bails out leaving the plane to crash.  Observers are convinced that Captain Evans stayed with the plane to make sure it did not crash into  the school and its play area.   His plane fell 200 yards from the school. 

    Prior to his death, Captain Evans had served in the European Theater during World War II, flying more than one hundred missions.  After the war he returned to civilian life, but went back into the military when the 121st Fighter Squadron on the D.C. National Guard was put into Federal Service.