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 My Educational Philosophy
It is my belief that all students can learn, though they may learn differently. I believe children are not born “smart” but “smart” is what they can become, capable of achieving at high levels. As an educator, it is my job to cultivate and motivate my students to believe in themselves and their ability to achieve. Student achievement is based on the amount of effort that is put forth and the level of expectation placed upon them in all areas. We must meet students’ diverse needs through differentiating instruction, real world experiences, and adjusting instruction to address various modes of learning. Targeted academic goals are data driven and aligned with high academic standards. Instructional decisions are child centered and research based. I am inherently committed to recognizing individual differences and the potential of teachers and students when given encouragement and opportunities to succeed.

As a leader, it is my responsibility to build a collaborative professional learning community that involves the staff in the decision making process and motivates their efforts. Through sustained differentiated professional development, collaboration and collaborative planning, and formulated study groups, teachers will have opportunities for growth as educators. Teachers can be empowered to support student learning and invite effort. Direct and purposeful instruction, based on research and the Principals of Learning, can and will yield high achievement for all students.

An essential component in advancing achievement is in using data to drive instructional decisions. Data should be transparent. Students, teachers, parents, and staff should have knowledge and understanding of where each student and our school stands as it relates to standards of achievement. Data should be viewed and reviewed regularly, both formative and summitive, and qualitative and quantitative. Based on the data, instructional decisions should be student centered, specific, differentiated, intentional, and aligned with state standards.

Our greatest allies are our parents and surrounding community. All stakeholders will be involved in the decision making process and made aware of the expectations for students, and themselves as supporters of student achievement. I will strive to communicate frequently and develop a culture that invites parents to be a part of the educational experience.

At Francis Scott Key, differences are appreciated, excellence and achievement are expected and effort is rewarded. We believe high expectations yield academic success for all students! Every staff member is committed to doing their part to ensure that your child achieves academic excellence; and we look forward to working with you to guarantee the accomplishment of that goal. Our instructional program will be rigorous, challenging and rewarding.  


School Vision & Mission  

Our vision is to create college and career ready students in an environment where differences are appreciated, excellence and achievement are expected, and effort is rewarded. All students will achieve and succeed to their maximum potential through on-going data inquiry, rigorous instruction, and collaboration with community stakeholders. 

Our mission is to support a diverse learning community of PreK-6th grade students by:  

  • Providing rigorous differentiated instruction based on Common Core State Standards through continuous professional development.  
  • Providing a safe and positive environment that is conducive to learning through Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS).  
  • Providing inter-disciplinary instruction that includes creative arts and technology through a multi-sensory learning approach.  
  • Providing instruction that meets the needs of each student through the use of data analysis and RTI interventions and supports.  


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