• History of Frances Fuchs Early Childhood Center

    History of Frances Fuchs Early Childhood Center 

    butterflyOur school building was built and named Powder Mill Elementary. 
    butterflyAs an early development center we were renamed Holly Park at Powder Mill Elementary. 
    butterflyFrances R. Fuchs was employed in 1957 as an Assistant Supervisor of Education. 
    butterflyIn 1965, she became the Supervisor of Special Education. She held this position until her retirement in 1977 at the age of 70. 
    butterflyFrances Fuchs along with C.Elizabeth Reig, were instrumental in establishing the type and focus of special education programs in this county. She was involved in the late 1950's in the initiation of a program known today as an early childhood center. 
    butterflyFrances Fuchs was also involved in training special education teachers through Catholic University. 
    butterflyHer credentials included:                                                                
                                                        Bachelor of Science, Mt.Holyoke College, 1927 
                                                        Masters of Education, University of Maryland, 1958 
                                                        Law Degree, New York University 
    butterflyOur school was rededicated in March of 1984 and renamed for Frances R. Fuchs, a pioneer in Special Education in Prince George's County. 
    butterflyPrince George's County Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) established an annual award for the special education professional who has contributed significantly towards the education of exceptional children.