• registrationreq

    Student Registrations are held from 8:30-11:30 a.m. only.

    Please provide the following items to register:

    All of these items must be presented at the time of registration before the student can be entered into the computer for classroom placement.  We do not accept partial registrations.

    • Birth Certificate(original required)

    • Shot Record(4 DPT, 3 Polio and 2 MMR's are the minimum requirements for entry) Students entering Kindergarten and 1st Grade must also have 1 Chicken Pox vaccination and 3 Hepatitis B vaccinations.

    • Proof of Housing(Lease, Deed, Rental Agreement, Mortgage Payment Book, etc.)
      Notarized Letter
      If you are Living with someone (such as a parent) you must provide their proof of housing and ask them to help you secure a notarized statement (form available in the office) indicating that you and your child(ren) (listed by name) reside with them at the address provided.  Your signature and the homeowner's signature must both appear on the notarized letter.
      Also, within 30 days, you must provide two additional items verifying your address:
          a.  a brief note from your employer, on their stationary, indicating your address of record
          b.  an official communication from Social Services
          c.  a recent utility or other billing, tax statement or pay stub
      The school may request updated verification of the residence every 30 days.

    • Student's Social Security Number

    • Most Recent Report Card if Student is Entering Grade 1 or Higher- Report card is needed to verify grade placement.  Students entering first grade must show evidence of Kindergarten experience or an acceptable alternative, Licensed Day Care, Registered Family Day Care or Parent Teaching.

    • Health Inventory Form
      Every Student entering the Prince George's County Public Schools for the first time must have a physical, and it should be recorded on a form given at registration.

    • Day Care Address/Phone Number for Bus Transportation Within Our School Boundary(application available in the office)