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Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 3:10 p.m.

GRADES: 9 - 12



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Vision Statement:  

Forestville High school's learning environment is one that is collaborative and utilizes a rigorous educational process to graduate students that are critical thinkers who are college and career ready for the 21st century. 

Mission Statement: 

The mission of Forestville High School is to empower students with 21st century skills in order to be college and career ready. We will provide a challenging program that focuses on student centered learning; inspire creative, critical, and analytical thinking with experiences that motivate all students. 

Mr. Nathaniel Laney, Principal


LTC Hubert Bagley, Commandant

 "Feeling anxious about starting school?"

Get Ready for High School Classes

Set up a checklist of necessary supplies for class. Prepare a book bag at least a week before school starts, so that it is ready to go on the first day. Reducing back to school anxiety is important for students of any age.

Make sure the book bag contains pens, pencils and supplies for classes, such as a calculator. Have a separate notebook and folder or binder for each class. Buy any books or textbooks required for class early on in the summer, when they are more likely to be inexpensive, especially for college classes.

Keep the book bag in the student’s study area. Set up an area at home to use for homework. Students who are organized and have a useful study area are likely to get better grades.

How to Wake Up in Time for School

One big issue for teens is their sleep schedule. Many teens prefer to sleep in during the day and stay up late at night. When school starts, however, teens have to adjust their sleep schedule. This transition can make school much more difficult if it’s done suddenly, leading to problems concentrating.

Start by going to sleep earlier and waking up in time for school in the mornings the week before school starts. 

Set Up a School Schedule

Once school has started, get into a routine. Set up a schedule for the morning and after school to ensure that there is enough time to complete homework and participate in extra-curricular activities like sports or a job.

Lay out clothes each night for the following day to reduce morning stress. Pack and refrigerate lunches at night as well, or plan to purchase a healthy lunch at school. Ensure that lunches contain a good balance of fruit, vegetables and protein for better concentration and nutrition. Obesity in teens is a serious health risk, and nutritious school lunches can help combat this issue.

Set up a scheduled time to complete homework. Doing homework right after school can help with information retention and free up more time in the afternoons and evening for other activities. Put all schoolwork and projects in a book bag when they are completed, so that they are not left behind in the morning.

Getting ready for school can feel like a hassle for teens. However, teens who are more prepared for academic writing and schedules are more likely to have a successful and productive school year.

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