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Department of Family and Community Engagement

What is Family & Community Engagement

PGCPS Parent, Family and Community Engagement Defined

July 2015 Version

In Prince George's County Public Schools, parent, family and community engagement is defined as shared responsibility and effective collaboration between the school system and its parents, families and communities towards developing outstanding academic achievement for all of our diverse student populations. 

As a foundational pillar of the CEO’s PGCPS Strategy Map, the school system’s concept of “parent, family and community engagement” seeks to engage and empower parents as our partners in promoting all children’s academic growth and development across all settings where children can learn – at school, at home and in the community. 

With this definition, the district pledges to demonstrate commitment to creating and sustaining relationships to strategically implement meaningful and measurable research-based engagement initiatives embrace parents, family and community as:

Partners in the teaching and the child/adolescent growth and development process in support of their children's learning and development

Decision Makers on school and community teams focused on choosing educational options for their children, the school, and community

Supporters/Advocates in the broader community for improved learning opportunities for their children and at their schools

Learners of effective strategies to continuously build parent, family and community efficacy for supporting the success of all children  

Encouragers of an achievement identity, a positive self image, and a "can do" spirit in their children

Monitors of their children's time, behavior, boundaries, and resource

Models of lifelong learning and enthusiasm for education

Advocates/Activists and Collaborators with school staff and members of the community on issues of school improvement and reform

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