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Last Name

First Name









Adebusola  Kingsley  Tutor  Hillside  
 Alamu Olusola  Paraprofessional  Special Education
Alamu Victoria  Paraprofessional Special Education 
 Anderson  Kendrick Teacher  Business




  Social Studies   






Baking  Roma   Teacher Special Education
Benett Ernest   Security Team
Bernardo  Mozarella   Teacher  Special Education 
Blair  Leslie Paraprofessional  Special Education 
 Bland D'Netra Teacher Technology Dept. Chair
Briones  Sally Teacher    Mathematics  
Broadnax  Madeline   Teacher English  
Brown India Community Resource
 Support Personnel
Brown Wesley  Assistant Principal   Administration
Buoy Brenda Nurse Health Suite
Byrd  Margaret  Teacher   Mathematics










 Campbell Michelle   Acting Wing      Coordinator  Special Education  
Carneal  Stuart    Security Team 
Castaneda  Ruzzell  Teacher   Social Studies
Cleveland  TaNisha    YCC/IT
Clarke  Ralph   Paraprofessional Special Education 
Cody Stephen  Teacher English
 Connell-Albert  Yvette  Teacher  Science




  English Dept. Chair

Couther  Edward  Teacher   Science



 Master Scheduler


Crawford George  Teacher Art Dept. Chair
Crayton-Johnson Vivian  Teacher English






D'Abreau Ralph Paraprofessional  Special Education 
 Davies  Jennifer Teacher   Technology
 Delacruz  Ofelia    Teacher Mathematics 






Edwards Donna  Professional School Counselor  Guidance 
Elvis Farissa  Teacher IT
Emanuel Monique   Professional School Counselor Guidance 
Farmer Lawrence  Teacher  Instrumental Music Chair
Felix Hatiti SAC Coordinator Support Personnel
Flagg Kerry  Teacher English
Formoso Michael  Paraprofessional  Special Education 




  World Languages Chair   

Frazier Demonn Building Engineer Building Services






Garcia  Nelva   Paraprofessional  Special Education 
Gordon Ashquinn  Teacher   Mathematics  
Green Yvette  IT Specialist   IT






Harris Wanda    Security Team 
Hasty Chris  Auditorium Technician  Support Personnel 
Hobbs Ieshia  Principal's Secretary  Support Personnel




  Social Studies  

 Hurley Tony  Building Supervisor Building     Services






Jayakar Gift  Teacher Work Study & Science
Johnson Carl Paraprofessional  Special Education 
Johnson Divante ISEA 
 Johnson  Pamela  Teacher   Mathematics 




  Physical Education Chair 






 Khemraj   Carlotta  Teacher Art  






     Lashley          Torrie   Teacher                  Health/Athletic Director
     Lazaro    Christina  Teacher                   Mathematics
Lea Kathleen  Teacher Science
Little Marie  Financial Secretary   Accounting
Lyon  Shawnti   Teacher  English 



 Professional School Counselor


McCoy-Hill Sho Shauna  Teacher English
 McDade  Erica   Assistant Principal  Administration
McMillan Marc   Teacher  English  
Drama Chair
Melton  Berlinda  Paraprofessional  Special Education 






Nelson  Andrea  Teacher Mathematics  










Osuji-Kelly  Janel janel.osujikelly  Paraprofessional   Special Education






Perry Clarke    Special Education Coodinator
Potts  Jessica  Teacher   Dance/PE/Health











Rallos  Honorato   Teacher  Special Education 
Ramos Corina  Teacher  Spanish  




  Vocal Music Dept. Chair






Santos Jude    Teacher Special Education 
      Screws      Diedra  Assistant Principal         Administration
Seymore      Eraena  Teacher Mathematics Chair
 Sookdeo Ashok  Teacher Science
Stewart  Jerrell    Paraprofessional  Special Education










Taylor  Andrea  Regional Nurse  CRI 
Thomas Duane  Army Instructor   JROTC




 Science Dept. Chair

Tuckson Robin  Paraprofessional CRI















        Walker          Torrie      Principal  Administration
Weech  Jonathan   Teacher Social Studies 
West Aliyah  Teacher English
Weston Jocelyn  Pupil Personnel Worker Guidance



 Media Specialist


White  Gwendolyn  Army Instructor JROTC  
   Williams Kevin    Teacher Mathematics




  Business Dept. Chair

Wooden Shonda  Teacher Science
Woolfolk  Anneta   Testing Coordinator Testing









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