English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Staff List

ESOL Office Administration

Person      Title Contact
Kia McDaniel      ESOL Supervisor kia.mcdaniel@pgcps.org
Dr. Melissa Kochanowski      Elementary ESOL Instructional Specialist      mel.kochanowski@pgcps.org
Virginia Cofie      Middle School ESOL Instructional Specialist  virginia.cofie@pgcps.org
Erin Graham High School ESOL Instructional Specialist erin.kirkland@pgcps.org
Dianne Yohe      ESOL Enrollment and Testing Specialist dyohe@pgcps.org
Karen Irving      Budget Analyst karen.irving@pgcps.org
Kathleen Zentek      ESOL Special Projects Coordinator kathleen.zentek@pgcps.org
Debora Thomas-Velarde      ESOL Secretary debora.thomasvelarde@pgcps.org


Coaches and Mentors

Person      Title    Contact
Susan Acheson                       Elementary Mentor Teacher                             susan.acheson@pgcps.org             
Miranda Nelson      Elementary Mentor Teacher miranda.nelson@pgcps.org
Rasheeda Hardy   Elementary Teacher Coach rasheeda.hardy@pgcps.org
Halla Jmourko Elementary Teacher Coach jmourko@pgcps.org
Laurah Jurca Elementary Teacher Coach laurah.jurca@pgcps.org
Dr. Betty Chewlin Middle School Mentor & Teacher Coach elizabeth.chewlin@pgcps.org
Paola Foster Middle School Mentor & Teacher Coach paola.foster@pgcps.org
Shawnee Hurley High School Mentor & Teacher Coach       shawnee.hurley@pgcps.org


Office of Interpreting and Translating

Person Title Contact
Jennifer Love                        Parent Involvement Specialist                           jennifer.love@pgcps.org                
Sandra Acevedo OIT Coordinator sacevedo@pgcps.org  
Sonia Mendez Bilingual Technician sonia.mendez@pgcps.org


Student Intake and Enrollment

Person Title Contact
Linda Kovac                        ESOL Testing Coach                                         linda.kovac@pgcps.org                   
Diana Gough             ESOL Testing Coach                            diana.gough@pgcps.org             
Megan Redmond ESOL Testing Coach    megan.redmond@pgcps.org
Kathleen Kearns ESOL Testing Coach kathleen.kearns@pgcps.org


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