• Saturday, December 16 - Saturday School is cancelled at High Point High School due to electrical work at the school.
English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Staff List

ESOL Office Administration

Person      Title Contact
Kia McDaniel      ESOL Supervisor kia.mcdaniel@pgcps.org
Dr. Melissa Kochanowski      Elementary ESOL Instructional Specialist      mel.kochanowski@pgcps.org
Virginia Cofie      Middle School ESOL Instructional Specialist  virginia.cofie@pgcps.org
Erin Graham High School ESOL Instructional Specialist erin.kirkland@pgcps.org
Dianne Yohe      ESOL Enrollment and Testing Specialist dyohe@pgcps.org
Karen Irving      Budget Analyst karen.irving@pgcps.org
Kathleen Zentek      ESOL Special Projects Coordinator kathleen.zentek@pgcps.org
Debora Thomas-Velarde      ESOL Secretary debora.thomasvelarde@pgcps.org


Coaches and Mentors

Person      Title    Contact
Susan Acheson                       Elementary Mentor Teacher                             susan.acheson@pgcps.org             
Miranda Nelson      Elementary Mentor Teacher miranda.nelson@pgcps.org
Rasheeda Hardy   Elementary Teacher Coach rasheeda.hardy@pgcps.org
Halla Jmourko Elementary Teacher Coach jmourko@pgcps.org
Laurah Jurca Elementary Teacher Coach laurah.jurca@pgcps.org
Dr. Betty Chewlin Middle School Mentor & Teacher Coach elizabeth.chewlin@pgcps.org
Paola Foster Middle School Mentor & Teacher Coach paola.foster@pgcps.org
Shawnee Hurley High School Mentor & Teacher Coach       shawnee.hurley@pgcps.org


Office of Interpreting and Translating

Person Title Contact
Jennifer Love                        Parent Involvement Specialist                           jennifer.love@pgcps.org                
Sandra Acevedo OIT Coordinator sacevedo@pgcps.org  
Sonia Mendez Bilingual Technician sonia.mendez@pgcps.org


Student Intake and Enrollment

Person Title Contact
Linda Kovac                        ESOL Testing Coach                                         linda.kovac@pgcps.org                   
Diana Gough             ESOL Testing Coach                            diana.gough@pgcps.org             
Megan Redmond ESOL Testing Coach    megan.redmond@pgcps.org
Kathleen Kearns ESOL Testing Coach kathleen.kearns@pgcps.org


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