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  • Welcome To EEJ Middle School 2016-17
    2016 Mock Presidential Election
    Yom Kippur
    Red Ribbon Week
    Breast Cancer Awareness Month
    Alice in Wonderland
    School Closed
    Science and Tech
    Professional Development- 10-28
    Drama Club
    Honor Roll
    2016-2017 Yearbook
    Step Team
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    School Hours
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    2016 By Laws
    Grading and Planning
    No Hoodies Allowed
    Testing Tips
    PTSA Membership Form
    Professional Development
    Visitors Report to Office
    Cell Phone and AUP Policy
  • Mission - Vision

    The mission of Ernest Everett Just, Ph.D. Middle School is to ensure that all students acquire information, skills and the ability to apply their knowledge to become lifelong learners and productive citizens in a diverse / global society.  

     Tboywipadhe mission is best accomplished through a structure of child-centered learning communities characterized by: equity and access to a quality education that includes strong instructional leadership; high expectations for the achievement of all students; a rigorous curriculum; frequent monitoring of student performance; extending learning opportunities for students failing to meet academic standards; well trained, certified teachers in all classrooms; enhanced resources; families who are empowered to assist in providing a quality education for every child; a school climate conducive to building positive relationship; a safe and orderly school environment fostering enhanced school pride.    


     Our shared vision will create a 21st century student centered learning environment where high expectations and excellence prepare students for college and careers in the global society.