• Principal McNeillWelcome to Eleanor Roosevelt High School. You are part of a student body that is recognized for excellence in academic programs as well as sports, clubs, and student organizations. I encourage you to become in involved in the activities offered at Eleanor Roosevelt High School and be part of a proud tradition.

    Eleanor Roosevelt is more than a name on a building; it is a community of students and adults brought together to share ideas, learn from each other and bond into a family. Therefore, it is essential that all persons respect the rights of others.

    Your personal academic success will depend on your inquisitiveness, your preparedness, and your willingness to set high goals and focus on achieving them. In addition, all students must meet the requirement of High School Assessments in order to graduate. The staff and administration hold high expectation for each of you and will work to assist you in attaining your goals.

    We, as a school community, face many challenges to our goals of providing a quality education as well as a safe and orderly environment. There are several concerns that I need your assistance in resolving.

     Attendance: Schools are evaluated based on student attendance with a goal of an average daily attendance of 94%. There is no distinction between excused and unexcused absences in the calculation of attendance. An absence is an absence. Again, we need your cooperation in achieving the goal.

    After School Pick-Up: school ends at 3:20 pm. Unless students are involved in an after-school activity, they are required to leave the building.  Students going to an after school activity must be with a teacher/sponsor within 15 minutes of dismissal. If a student is waiting for a ride, they must wait in the front lobby of the school. When students finish their after-school activity, we expect their ride to pick them up within 10-15 minutes. Student involved in after-school activities must continue to wear their ID’s. Parents/guardians attention to this matter is most appreciated.

    I look forward to working with you as you are pursuing your educational goals and enjoying the many opportunities afforded you at Eleanor Roosevelt High School.


    Reginald McNeill

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