Student Athlete & Parent Packet

The attached documents must be completed and turned in to the Athletic Director, Thomas Green, ONLINE at FormReleaf BEFORE your student can try-out for any interscholastic sport.

Once submitted online, the forms are good for one calendar year after the date signed by your physician.  

The documents attached are:

1.  Parental Permission to Participate in Interscholastic Athletics- to be completed by the parent & uploaded to FormReleaf.

2.  Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation/History Form- to be completed by the athlete and parent prior to the physician visit & uploaded to FormReleaf.

3.  Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation/ Physical Evaluation Form-  to be completed by your physician & uploaded to FormReleaf.  Your physician office stamp MUST be applied to this form for acceptance.

4.  Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation/ Clearance Form- to be completed by your physician & uploaded to FormReleaf.  Your physician office stamp MUST be applied to this form for acceptance.

5. Medical Card For Athlete - to be completed by the parent and returned to coach


CLICK HERE for Student Athlete and Parent Packet 

 Additional information is attached for the athlete and parent to review.  This information is also found on FormReleaf.  You will have to sign on FormReleaf that you agree that you have read the following:

Publicity Media Release

  Guide to Heat Acclimatization and Heat Prevention/ E.H.S.

Eligibility Checklist

Cardiac Arrest Policy

Release for Treatment

Concussion Information  

How to register for an athlete to participate in a sport at

    1.     Go to 
2.     Click on the “sign up” link in the top right corner 
3.     Register as an individual and create an account 
4.     On top menu bar, select “Find Organization.” 
5.     Search for Eleanor Roosevelt High School 
6.     Once the appropriate school is found, click on school name. 
7.     Click on the “Program” you wish to register for. 
8.     Click  the appropriate sport, and fill in all relevant questions. 
Any questions with a red star is required to complete registration. 
9.     When finished, click “submit”. 
10. The Athletic Office can verify all registrations when complete. 

Please call Tech Support if you need further assistance at (844) 367-6735. 

Please note:

If you have already signed up during a previous season, simply login with the same username and password.  Just update the information and check the sport you wish to play.

It automatically saves.  You can return to form to complete an unfinished registration at a later time.


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