TV Productions
Department Course Descriptions

TV Productions 1 (1 credit, double mod) * or +
This course introduces students to the fundamentals of television production.

TV Productions 2 (1 credit, single mod) * or =

This course allows students who have completed TV I an opportunity to develop and refine their skills in television production.

TV Productions 3&4 /Digital Media 3&4 (1 credit, single mod) *
These advanced courses continue previous study. Advanced technology is emphasized. All students must direct video projects, complete videos/films for the school and/or community and serve as mentors for beginning students. Video/Film contest entry and portfolio development are also components of these courses. Students are encouraged to apply for senior-year television productions/digital media internships.



(*) - courses that satisfy the fine art graduation requirement
(+) - courses that satisfy the technology education graduation requirement
(=) - courses that satisfy the advanced technology graduation requirement




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