Department Course Descriptions

Art 1 (1 credit, single mod)*
Art I is an entry-level course for students interested in exploring a variety of creative art and multi-cultural experiences. The curriculum provides a broad base of art experiences including design, drawing, printmaking, painting, sculpting, lettering and crafts.

Art 2 (1 credit, single mod)*
Art II is for those students interested in art and exploring many different mediums, including drawing and painting. Exploration of the art of world cultures will be taught throughout this course.
Required coursework: Drawing & Painting 1 or Art 1

Art 3 (1 credit single mod)*
The Curriculum offers advanced techniques in drawing and painting, has relief and sculpture, and 2-D design. Students must have taken Art 2 or have teacher approval for this course. Art 3, Honors Art Studio, and AP Art Studio are offered on a rotating basis.

Honors Art Studio (1 credit, single mod)*
This course is for serious art students and features individual and group projects with an emphasis on portfolio preparation. Must have teacher approval. Art 3, Honors Art Studio, and AP Art Studio are offered on a rotating basis.

AP Art Studio (1 credit, single mod)*
This course is designed for independent portfolio preparation and assessment for art and architecture majors. This course is available to students by instructor approval only. Art 3, Honors Art Studio, and AP Art Studio are offered on a rotating basis.

Crafts 1 (1/2 credit, single mod) .5*
Crafts 1 is a semester long, entry level class for students to study and make American Crafts. All work is completed in class and there is no homework. Work will include metal craft, weaving, stitchery, stenciling, macramé, basketry and casting. Students may need to bring some materials for projects as assigned by instructor. Crafts 1 and Crafts 2 are offered on a rotating basis.

Crafts 2 (1/2 credit, single mod) .5*
Crafts 2 is a semester long continuation of American Crafts. (See Crafts I) Crafts classes need not be taken sequentially. Crafts 1 and Crafts 2 are offered on a rotating basis.

Design (1/2 credit, single mod) .5*
Students will explore a variety of projects, primarily 2-dimensional, to become familiar with the elements and principles of design. No prerequisites are required for this semester-long class. Students may be required to bring some supplies as assigned by instructor.

Basic Sculpture (1/2 credit, single mod) .5*
In this semester-long class, students will explore a variety of 3-dimensional art forms. No prior knowledge of sculpture is required. Students may be required to bring some materials as assigned by instructor.

Sculpture 1 (1 credit, single mod) *
This year- long course will emphasize sculpture processes. Students will be expected to produce original sculptural forms using a variety of materials and techniques. The importance of craftsmanship will be stressed. The works of master sculptors will be examined. Students will discuss and critique their work and the work of master sculptors.

Drawing & Painting 1(1 credit, single mod)*
This course is designed for the more serious art student who has already had basic drawing and painting experience either from previously taking Art I or private instruction. Perspective, chiaroscuro, and figure drawing will be explored along with painting techniques involving watercolor, tempera and acrylics.

Drawing & Painting 2(1 credit, single mod) *
Students need to have taken D & P I. Students will continue the study of anatomy, object drawing, portraiture and advanced design techniques. Teacher approval is necessary to advance to this course level.

Art Appreciation 1(1/2 credit, single mod) .5*
This semester course consists of studying the major approaches to understanding visual art: subject matter, materials, techniques and critical analysis. How the artists use these approaches to communicate will be emphasized. Works of art will be studied through the use of a textbook, slide lectures and discussion. Students are expected to critically discuss visual art products as well as create original work in the studio.

AP Art History (1 credit, single mod) *
This course focuses on an understanding and enjoyment of architecture, sculpture, and other art forms within a historical and cultural context. In the course students learn to look at works of art with intelligence and sensitivity, examining the major forms of artistic expression of past cultures, as well as those of our own time and environment.

Introductory Photography (1 credit, single mod) * or +
This course will introduce students to basic photography using a “point and shoot” 35mm camera provided by each student and costing $25 to $60. The content will include the history and mechanics of photography as well as the aesthetics and cultural influences of photography. Teacher and student evaluation of work is an integral part of this course.

Intermediate Photography (1 credit, single mod) *
This course offers students more advanced training in the field of photography. Students need to have completed the Introduction to Photography course and have the permission of the teacher.

Computer Graphics (1credit, single mod) * or +
Computer Graphics 1 is designed to introduce students to using the computer as an artist’s tool. Students will use drawing, painting, presentation and multi-media applications. While there are no prerequisites, students will be expected to do basic drawing and design work. Prior art courses are a plus! Computer Graphics 1 satisfies graduation requirements for art or technology.

AP Computer Graphics (1 AP credit & 1 optional independent study credit )
AP Computer Graphics is a single mod (1 credit) or double-mod all year (2 credit) course for students who want an in-depth experience using the computer as an artist’s tool. Students will produce a portfolio of work which may be submitted to the College Board for evaluation and possible AP credit. AP Computer Graphics is not for the casual learner. This course is challenging and will require independent thinking and self-motivation in order to be successful. Other art courses would be a plus. Students must have successfully passed Computer Graphics 1 to apply. AP Computer Graphics is a signature course.

Printmaking (1/2 credit, single mod) .5*
This semester course will allow students to explore printing and stenciling as vehicles for creative self-expression. The course will incorporate lettering, layout and various commercial aspects of advertising art. The history of printmaking will be studied. Students will critique the work of master printmakers.

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(*) - courses that satisfy the fine art graduation requirement
(+) - courses that satisfy the technology education graduation requirement
(=) - courses that satisfy the advanced technology graduation requirement






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