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The goal of the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) is to provide secondary school students the opportunity to become better informed, responsible citizens through a military environment. Sixty percent of the curriculum focuses on development of academic areas including United States military history, national security, meteorology, astronomy, aerospace vehicles and environment (aircraft, rocketry satellite, and spacecraft) Management, communications, survival, navigation, and physical fitness. Forty percent of class time is spent in developing leadership skills and military courtesies and customs. Students attend classes 5 days per week during the regular school day. The program also provides college scholarship opportunities and Military Academy appointments for qualified individuals. Students who successfully complete three years of the JROTC program and qualify to enter the active duty military service, may be paid two grades above non-JROTC recruits.

Department Course Descriptions

Aerospace Science 1 (1 /2 or 1 credit, single mod)
This course covers an initial exploration of aerospace matter, including an overview of the development and impact of aerospace, a familiarization with aircraft and spacecraft, and examination of the environment in which such craft operate, and orientation on the work of the US Air Force, and the customs and courtesies used by military members. To successfully complete any and all levels of Air Force JROTC instruction, cadets must correctly wear the AFJROTC uniform one day per week and to selected activities. Male haircuts also must be worn in accordance with United States Air Force standards. Examples of unacceptable male styles (but not an all inclusive list) are “cornrows, braids, hair ornamentations, excessive length, mullets, etc.” Some AFJROTC students may be required to get haircuts to conform to the prescribed standards. Female AFJROTC students must also adhere to a stringent United States Air Force standard. A student’s unwillingness to adhere to these standards will result in a failing grade in the course, and possible removal from the program.

Aerospace Science 2 (1 credit, single mod)+
This course offers the study of selected areas of aeronautics, an examination of the component factors of the aerospace power, and a development of individual and group skills, sufficient for participation in Air Force ceremonies.

Aerospace Science 3 (1 credit, single mod)=
Included in this course is an examination of space technology and space programs; a review of leadership opportunities in space, national defense, and aerospace preparations, and an analysis of factors and techniques involved in leadership situations.

Aerospace Science 4 (1 credit, single mod)=
The fourth year is a civics and aviation technology course and subjects covered include civil aviation’s primary features impact on our society; careers available in the civil and military aerospace community; and descriptions and uses of modern uses of aerospace vehicles. The civil aviation portion of the course, adds to the basic knowledge of the aerospace industry given in Aerospace Science 1. This information sets the stage for the discussion on careers in aerospace. The careers section not only describes career options but also education possibilities, it also provides practical advice for the new job hunter. The academic section finishes up with a review of modern aerospace vehicles, their uses, and capabilities. Leadership hours, fine-tune developing communications skills, and top level cadet corps jobs provide a laboratory to experiment with newly learned leadership and management skills.

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(*) - courses that satisfy the fine art graduation requirement
(+) - courses that satisfy the technology education graduation requirement
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