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Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA)

The State of Maryland is using a new tool to learn more about children’s early learning experiences that will provide information to parents and kindergarten teachers that can be used to help children learn and grow. The new Kindergarten Readiness Assessment will be used by kindergarten teachers to measure what children know and can do when entering Kindergarten in the early learning areas of social skills, language and literacy, cognitive development, and physical well-being and motor development.  (This assessment will NOT determine whether a child can be enrolled in Kindergarten.)

There are three ways for a child to show what he or she knows and is able to do:

Selecting the answer to a question (e.g., “Show me the block that is the largest of three.”)

Performing a requested task (e.g., retelling a short story)

Being observed by the teacher during the school day’s activities or collecting their work samples

The Kindergarten teachers will have from the first day of school until November 1st to complete the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment. It will help them to tailor their instruction to the needs of each child.  When the assessment is complete, teachers will have a report to share with families. The report will help families and teachers work as partners so that our children are successful in school.

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