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    Wise is happy to announce that it has surpassed the MD State average with a higher graduation rate at 87.4% Congratulations, PUMAS!   

    Words 4 the Wise is an online newsletter written by Wise students. Our students are writing about events around the Puma Nation, entertainment, sports and other issues that are important to our community. The club that produces the newsletter is sponsored by Mrs. Enright and Dr.Young. Go to Words 4 Wise page >> 

    Monday 5/23/16 A Day
    • H.S.A. Testing – Biology & LSN Government – follow modified schedule
    • End of year staff evaluations conducted this week 
    • Football State Championship Ring Ceremony – 7:00PM – in the auditorium
    Tuesday 5/24 B Day 
    • H.S.A. Testing – Biology & LSN Government – follow modified schedule
    • SIT – all day
    • English 10 collaborative planning – 1:00 PM
    • Poetry slam/reading – 5:30 PM – in the LMC
    Wednesday 5/25 A Day
    • H.S.A. Testing – Biology & LSN Government
    • Men of Amate meeting – 10:30 AM - in B131 (data room across from the attendance office)
    • Biology collaborative planning – 10:40 AM
    • SPMT meeting – 4:00 PM
    • Academy of Health and Bioscience Senior Showcase & White Coat Ceremony – 6:00 PM
    Thursday 5/26 B Day
    • Class of 2016 – senior check-out – 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM – in the auditorium
    Friday 5/27 A Day
    • Little Puma Pre-school Promotion Ceremony – 9:00AM
  • Pres. Obama Visits Dr. Henry A. Wise, Jr. High School
    PGCPS Comptroller Visits Wise HS for the 2014 Steve Harvey Award Proclamation
    Pres. Obama Interviews Noah McQueen of Wise HS
    Wise HS Participates in Text 2 Stop It! Program
    Children's Mental Health Matters and The Love Letter Project launch Letter Writing Campaign
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  • PARENTS: Please complete The Maryland Special Education Parent Involvement Survey. The purpose of the survey is to hear from parents about how well they think their child’s school is partnering with them and promoting parent involvement in their child’s education. Please click HERE to complete the survey.

    Summer Program Guide and Updates - Please click here for more information. 

    2016 Multiple Pathways Summer HS Program (Download program flyer and other info)

  • PUMA Word of the Day
  • juncture (n.)

    ~ point where two things are joined

    At this juncture, I think it would be a good idea for us to take a coffee break. 


    Thank you Elizabeth Dennis for attending the majority of the PTSO executive board and general body meetings this year! Your input from the teacher perspective has been valuable all year. Thank you for your contributions!

    Thank you admin team: Byonka Gregory, Deborah Royer, Tyrone Hicks, Cathleen Rozanski, Rebecca Castle, Karess McNeil, and Brian Makell for working hard to identify potential staff members to join the Wise team next year. We’ve already recruited a number of talented professionals at this early stage of the hiring season. Great job!

    Congratulations Valencia Howard, Michelle “Mimi” McDonald, and Alphonso Jiles for coordinating a wonderful spring concert this year! Thank you Tyrone Hicks for emceeing the event and Karess McNeil and Janay Stallworth for organizing this as a PBIS event. Wonderful work!

    Congratulations Bryan Montgomery, Ernest Green, and Clifton Chatman for winning the State Unified Track and Field Championship! Puma Pride!

    Thank you Khaisha Charles, Robin Rubain, and Byonka Gregory for hosting a very informative and well attended rising senior meeting for the families of the class of 2017. Setting clear expectations is the first step towards a successful senior year!

    Congratulations to all of the staff members who supported graduating seniors Semaj Robin and Victoria Taylor. Both were both recognized at the Board of Education Awards for their accomplishments and it’s because of the investment that was made by a caring staff into both students. Great job!

    Congratulations Jeanine Cummings (boys’ head coach), William Jones (boys assistant coach), and Colleen DeRonda (girls’ head coach) on a successful inaugural lacrosse season at Wise! The students did a wonderful job thanks to your investment and passion to teach the game. Great job!

    Our SET (School Evaluation Team) visit to appraise our PBIS program for the Gold Award application was conducted this past Friday. Thank you Janay Stallworth and Karess McNeil for all of your hard work preparing us for this evaluation. We look forward to the results!

    Thank you Cathleen Rozanski, Brian Makell, and Natoya Coleman for continuing to organize 9th grade assemblies that expose students to a variety of ideas and programs.

    ~ Mr. Charoscar Coleman, Principal 

    PREPARED                               RESPECT                               INTEGRITY                               DISCIPLINE                              EXCELLENCE