• We are W.I.S.E. -- Willing Individuals Striving for Excellence!!!

    CLASS OF 2015: Check out the Senior Calendar of Events 
  • Monday, 5/18 – A Day (2A Puma Time)

    • H.S.A. Administration – Government (Modified Bell Schedule)
    • Staff End of Year Evaluations Begin with Administrative Team
    • Winter & Spring Sports Signing Day – 1:00 PM, Auditorium
    • Resident Teacher  Program – 6:00 PM


    Tuesday, 5/19 – B Day (3B Puma Time)  

    • H.S.A. Administration – English 10 (Regular Bell Schedule)


    Wednesday, 5/20 – A Day (3A Puma Time)

    • H.S.A. Administration – Biology (Regular Bell Schedule)
    • Senior Class Meeting – 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Department Meetings – 4:00 PM


    Thursday, 5/21 – B Day (4B Puma Time)

    • H.S.A. Administration – Algebra (Regular Bell Schedule)
    • Instructional Council – 2:30 PM
    • County Transfer Consortium – 3:00 PM, Café
    • Options Night for Selected Students – 6:00 PM
    • Board of Education Awards – 7:00 PM


    Friday, 5/22 – A Day (4A Puma Time)

    • H.S.A. Administration – Government [Electronic] (Regular Bell Schedule)
    • Performing Arts Music Festival – 9:00 AM

    Monday, 5/25



    Tuesday, 5/26

    • H.S.A. Administration Make-Up – Government


    Wednesday, 5/27

    • Senior Class Graduation Rehearsal – 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM, Gym
    • SPMT Meeting – 4:00 PM


    Thursday, 5/28

    • H.S.A. Administration Make-Up – Biology
    • Ninth Grade Academy Meeting – 4:00 PM


    Friday, 5/29

    • Commencement Ceremony – 1:30 PM
  • Pres. Obama Visits Dr. Henry A. Wise, Jr. High School
    PGCPS Comptroller Visits Wise HS for the 2014 Steve Harvey Award Proclamation
    Pres. Obama Interviews Noah McQueen of Wise HS
  • PUMA Word of the Day
  • zenith (n.)

    ~ the highest point, culminating point 

    Robin was too nice to tell Nia that she had reached the absolute zenith of her career with that one hit of hers.  

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    The senior prom was magical!  The students were dressed in their best and had a wonderful time.   The venue was beautiful, and the atmosphere festive!  Congratulations to the senior team who worked tirelessly to make this a night the students will never forget.  Great job Courtney McCullough, Bridgette Gillis-Cruise, Khaisha Charles, and Shatice Wright.  Thank you to the many other staff members who also provided assistance.  There are truly too many to name!

    The Wise HS baseball team won the regional championship by virtue of a 20-10 victory over Northwestern HS! 

    The game was electric and our students enjoyed great support from the large crowd, including staff, who came out to support!  #PUMAPRIDE!

    Great job Robin Rubain for scheduling a cohort of Wise students to take their Maryland Learners Permit exam at Wise on Saturday!  The parents were very appreciative to receive this service and avoid the long process at the Motor Vehicle Association.  Wonderful job.

    Our Advanced Placement (AP) test administration went very smoothly.  Thank you Khaisha Charles for working to ensure students enjoyed optimal testing conditions.  Congratulations to our advanced placement team of teachers:  Jamila Bellamy, Dr. Wanda Alderman-Swain, Matthew Braddock, Greg Brown, Ma.Roima Lim, Johnita Montgomery, William Shelley, Dr. Angela Tatum, William Thomas, Nicole Thomas, and Dr. Jane Ware!  We look forward to receiving the test results and continuing to build our AP program.

    PARCC testing has concluded for the year!  Next up is H.S.A.!  Thank you Nicole McLaurin for working hard to manage the never-ending parade of assessments for students.  This is an extremely difficult task, and you manage it wonderfully!  Great work!

    Congratulations Charles Chi, tennis coach, for guiding students to the girls’ quarterfinals and the boys’ semifinals in the playoffs.  Wonderful job!

    Our guidance team:  Robin Rubain (chair), Pamela Poles, Consuella Gibson, Tania Chandler, Melody Thompson, and Angela Jackson did a great job organizing our end of year awards program!  Special thanks to Valencia Howard for leading a wonderful performance by the choir at the event.

    Our students were able to participate in the Trills and Thrills Festival.  Great job Alphonso Jiles!

    Dr. William Blake was officially conferred his doctoral degree last week!  Congratulations on this accomplishment!

    PRIDE                               RESPECT                               INVOLVEMENT                               DEPENDABILITY                               EXCELLENCE