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    Wise is happy to announce that it has surpassed the MD State average with a higher graduation rate at 87.4% Congratulations, PUMAS!  

    Words 4 the Wise is an online newsletter written by Wise students. Our students are writing about events around the Puma Nation, entertainment, sports and other issues that are important to our community. The club that produces the newsletter is sponsored by Mrs. Enright and Dr.Young. Go to Words 4 Wise page >> 

  • Monday 5/2/16 B Day
    • Teacher Appreciation Week!
    • Senior presentations continue – final week!
    • PARCC testing continues – Alg. 1 & 2, Eng 10
    • Advanced placement (AP) testing begins this week
    • Senior progress reports released today
    • Graduation team meeting – 9:30 AM
    • PBIS event for selected students – 2:30 PM 
    • PTSO Executive Committee meeting – 6:30 PM
     Tuesday 5/3 A Day 
    • Advisory day – follow modified schedule
    • AP Spanish Language & Culture exam – 8:00 AM
    • LSN Gov’t collaborative planning – 9:30 AM
    • Baseball (away) vs. Oxon Hill – 4:30 PM & Softball (home) vs. Douglass – 4:30 PM
    • Tennis (away) vs. High Point – 4:30 PM
    Wednesday 5/4 B Day
    • AP Eng. Literature & Composition exam – 8:00 AM
    • Outstanding Fathers of PGCPS event (#Fatherhood Forum Awards) @ Roosevelt – 6:30 PM
    • Parent information night–7:00 PM–in the auditorium
    • Biology collaborative planning – 10:40 AM
    • English 10 collaborative planning – 1:00 PM
    • Algebra 1 & 2 collaborative planning – 2:30 PM
    • Honor Society Induction – 2:30 PM
    • Faculty meeting – 4:00 PM –Lecture Hall #1
    • Baseball and Softball vs. Suitland – 4:30 PM (Boys – home & Girls – away)
    • Parent information night – (eligibility discussion) – 7:00 PM
    Thursday 5/5 A Day
    • AP Calculus AB exam – 8:00 AM
    • Professional development sessions – all day – in the 
      • Focus – Literacy strategy review & 2016-17 PD focus
      • Period 1 – 9:50-10:20, Period 2 – 11:20-11:50, Period 3 – 12:30-1:00, Period 4 – 3:10-3:35 
    • Tennis (home) vs. Flowers – 4:30 PM
    • Quarterly Learning Module Academy – 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM – in Lecture Hall 3
    Friday 5/6 B Day
    • AP US History exam – 8:00 AM
    • Instructional council – 2:30
    • Annual Dance Program - Our Story, Our Journey, Our Lives! – 7:00 PM – in the auditorium
  • Pres. Obama Visits Dr. Henry A. Wise, Jr. High School
    PGCPS Comptroller Visits Wise HS for the 2014 Steve Harvey Award Proclamation
    Pres. Obama Interviews Noah McQueen of Wise HS
    Wise HS Participates in Text 2 Stop It! Program
    Children's Mental Health Matters and The Love Letter Project launch Letter Writing Campaign
  • Other Announcements
  • Congratulations the Wise HS cheerleader competition squad who received 1st place this past weekend. 

    PARENTS: Please complete The Maryland Special Education Parent Involvement Survey. The purpose of the survey is to hear from parents about how well they think their child’s school is partnering with them and promoting parent involvement in their child’s education. Please click HERE to complete the survey. 

    The PARCC testing window is April 11, 2016 - May 20, 2016. The PARCC test will be given to students in Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry (juniors only), English 10 and English 11. Students should bring their earbuds to the English PARCC test sessions. It is important that students check with their course teachers for their specific test dates.

    Summer Program Guide and Updates - Please click here for more information. 

    2016 Multiple Pathways Summer HS Program (Download program flyer and other info)

  • PUMA Word of the Day
  • taciturn (adj.)

    ~ uncommunicative, not inclined to speak much

    The clerk’s taciturn nature earned him the nickname “Silent Sammy.” 


    I mistakenly neglected to recognize Levina Newman in last week’s bulletin as an integral part of our administrative assistants’ team. Thank you Mrs. Newman for all you do for our school community, and I apologize for the oversight!

    Our Advanced Placement celebration on Friday positively recognized our students who have accepted the challenge of AP! Thank you Khaisha Charles and Johnita Montgomery for successfully coordinating our AP program this year! You both are making great contributions towards our efforts to build a culture of rigor and high expectations.

    Our Advanced Placement testing begins this week. Thank you to our AP team of teachers: Dr. Wanda Alderman, Sylvia Dash, Jamila Bellamy, Greg Brown, Johnita Montgomery, Lea Ordaniel, Dr. Angela Tatum, Nicole Thomas, William Thomas, Dr. Jane Ware, Stacy Yule and Tracy Newman for challenging our students all year long to meet the demands in these college level courses. Great job!

     Speaking of college, our college signing day celebration was wonderful! We have students excited about attending colleges across the country and our collective hard work directly supported these positive results. Great job to our professional school counseling team: Robin Rubain (chair), Melody Thompson, Tania Chandler, Pamela Poles, Angela Jackson, and Consuella Gibson for organizing this activity for the students.

    Thank you William Thomas for allowing State Delegate Darryl Barnes and School Board Member K. Alexander Wallace to visit his AP government class last week to address the students. You are appreciated!

    Congratulations Valencia Howard for guiding the choral students to participate in the state adjudication festival! The students are fortunate to have access to your expertise!

    Nicole McLaurin and Byonka Gregory organized and implemented our final Quarterly Learning Module Saturday Academy! Thank you Arnel Anong, Travis Chase, Susie Clay, Natoya Coleman, Pamela Davis, Shannan Dudley, Gary Hughes, Johnita Montgomery, Nathalie Rosales, Jasmine Stewart, Alona Velasquez, Stacy Yule for all of your hard work with this academic intervention.

    Tanya Adkisson (Science teacher coordinator), Dr. Carlise Bethel, Dr. Terri Dove, and Dr. Angela Tatum are to be commended for organizing a visit to Wise by the mobile laboratory MdBioLab. Our students engaged in rigorous experiments and were featured on the news! Great job team with involving students in activities that show the relevance of what they are learning as it is applied to real-life situations. Puma Pride!

    Wise HS has a puma in the NFL! Congratulations DaLawn Parrish and the entire staff on supporting Ryan Smith in being a college graduate and professional athlete.

    ~ Mr. Charoscar Coleman, Principal 

    PREPARED                               RESPECT                               INTEGRITY                               DISCIPLINE                              EXCELLENCE