Prince George's County Public Schools
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    Monday 12/15/14 - B Day – 3B Puma Time

    PARCC Algebra I (PBA) Administration

    PUMA Word of the Day:  delineate- v. to describe, usually in specific detail

     You must delineate exactly what you want in a contract.

    Tuesday 12/16 - A Day – 3A Puma Time

    Healthy Schools Meeting – 4:00 PM

    Ninth Grade Academy meeting – 4:00 PM

    Basketball vs. Bowie (Boys Away; Girls Home) – (JV) 5:30 PM & (V) 7:00PM

    Staff Holiday Social – 5:30 PM at the Patuxent Center in Bowie

    PTSO General Body Meeting – 7:00 PM

    PUMA Word of the Day:  vilify-v. to criticize harshly, to defame or slander

    The politician was vilified in the newspapers as a criminal.

    Wednesday 12/17 – B Day – 4B Puma Time

    Wrestling vs. Coppin – 5:30 PM @ Wise

    Corollary Bocce Match vs. Gwynn Park & Forestville – 5:30 @ Gwynn Park

    PUMA Word of the Day:  disparaging- adj. making someone or something seem of little value or importance; belittling, deprecating

    Ms. Davis is too polite to ever make disparaging remarks about another person.

    Thursday 12/18 - A Day – 4A Puma Time

    Track relay meet – 3:00 PM

    Academy of Business & Finance Open House – 6:30 PM – Lecture Hall II

    Basketball vs. Northwestern (Boys Home; Girls Away) – (JV) 5:30 PM & (V) 7:00PM

    PUMA Word of the Day:  salient- adj. most obvious or noticeable

     I remembered only a few salient remarks from the long speech.

    Friday 12/19 – B Day – 12 Puma Time – Advisory (2B)

    ROTC Program – 2:00 PM – in the auditorium

    Instructional Council Meeting - 2:30 PM - in Principal’s Conference Room

    Wrestling match vs. DuVal (away) – 5:30 PM

    PUMA Word of the Day:  draw conclusions- v. - to decide for oneself from the facts given

    Jeffrey arrives late, leaves early, and his work is full of mistakes, so draw your own conclusions about his future at this job.


    All staff members contributed to the efficient execution of our second of four lock-down drills.  As the admin and security teams checked all areas of the building, the classrooms were locked, windows covered, and students were silent.  In the face of an actual emergency, these strategies may contribute to saving lives.  Great job!

    Congratulations to Johnita Montgomery and Nicole McLaurin for coordinating a dignified National Honor Society Induction Ceremony.  Students pledging to uphold the values of scholarship, leadership, service and character highlighted the program.

    The Performing Arts department:  Valencia Howard (vocal music & dept. chair), Alphonso Jiles (instrumental music), Michelle McDonald (dance), Michael Dombroski (drama) staged a wonderful winter concert!  Congratulations, Shanté Henry and Doris Cabiness, for contributing to the program with adding performances by the band auxillaries.

    Thank you, Khaisha Charles, Bianca Kennon, Rashieda Gantt, and Kristin Parks for developing our latest staff-wide professional development program.  This latest session was engaging and allowed us to spend time wrestling with the concept of rigor and the integration of rigor into lessons.

    Thank you, Robin McNair for continuing to support our partnership with the male mentoring program, Men Aiming Higher.  The 11th grade assembly for our young men was beneficial.

    Thanks to the PUMA Time committee, Tamara Hay, Dee Harris, Dr. Wanda Alderman Swain, Kathryn Willis, and Sheila Robertson.  The Movie Day was a huge success! 

    Rosalyn Harvey organized a gift giveaway for the residents of Stoddard Baptist & Forestville Nursing home.  This act of service is the true meaning of the season!



    Saturday, December 20, 2014

    Swim Meet #3 vs. Bowie & Forestville – 12:00 PM

    Wrestling vs. High Point–10:30 AM


    Monday, January 5


    Tuesday, January 6

    Basketball vs. ERHS (Boys Away; Girls Home) – (JV) 5:30 PM & (V) 7:00PM


    Wednesday, January 7

    PARCC Algebra I (EOY) administered

    Wrestling vs. Gwynn Park @ Oxon Hill HS –10:30 AM


    Thursday, January 8

    Alumni Day – 2:00 PM

    Corollary Bocce Match vs. Potomac & Surrattsville @ Wise – 5:30PM

    PGC JV Novice Meet  - 3:00 PM


    Friday, January 9

    Wrestling @ Dundalk –2:30 PM

    Basketball vs. Suitland


    Saturday, January 10

    Swim Meet #4 vs. Flowers & Parkdale – 1:00 PM

    Wrestling @ Dundalk –2:30 PM