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    The Robert F. Frisby Chapter of the National Honor Society is one of the premier organizations at Frederick Douglass High School. In all of its activities, the chapter is committed to the four pillars of NHS: scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Membership is via a selection process based on the four pillars; it is held each fall and is conducted by the Faculty Council (comprised of five teachers appointed by the principal).

    The standards used for selection are:

    1. Attendance at Frederick Douglass High School for one complete semester.
    2. Sophomore, Junior, or Senior class designation.
    3. Cumulative 3.0 GPA, including Quarter 1 and since earning high school credits
    4. Leadership, service, and character as demonstrated by:
    a. Involvement in community service activities; exceeding the MSDE service hours requirement is HIGHLY recommended.
    b. Active participation and/or leadership in school or extra-curricular activities.
    c. Outstanding attendance and promptness.
    d. Unquestionable character and leadership, as evaluated by faculty and activity sponsors.
    5. Ability to effectively communicate rationale for becoming a member of NHS via an essay.

    The purpose of the National Honor Society is to promote scholarship and leadership, to motivate a desire to render service, and to develop character. The National Honor Society members participate in many activities that fulfill various needs within the school and community. Activities include: Class Competition, Faculty Appreciation Week, Blood Drive, James Madison NJHS Activities, Tutoring, Student Mentoring, Charity Functions, and the Graduation Ceremony. Being a member requires a serious commitment to our ideals, as NHS students are role models for all.

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