Language & Literature

Olayemi Lawanson
Department Chair
Room: 110
Extension: 83041

Tracey Ward
Room:  119
Extension: 83047

Akilah Braxton
Room: 121
Extension: 83108

Lisa Taylor
Room 118
Extension: 83046

Emily Marecki
Room: 107
Extension: 83040

Cindy Martin
Room: 103
Extension: 83036

Ruth Matthews
Room: 105
Extension: 83038

Courtney Young
Room: 120
Extension: 83048

Wyceta Thompson
Room: 104
Extension: 83037



Grading Policy

To view the Departmental Grading Policy for courses offered in the English Department click here and a printable pdf document will appear in your screen.  Parents please encourage your children to be avid readers. That is the number one way to improve SAT verbal scores and your child's performance on the High School Assessment.

Summer Reading Assignment

All students coming to Douglass are expected to complete a summer reading assignment. Each grade level team has selected a novel that students coming into that grade will read over the summer and the students will be assessed on those novels sometime during the first week of school. 

 Please visit our Summer Assignments Page for more information about Summer Reading.

Please note that students going into any of the AP classes have additional summer assignments that they have to complete. The AP teachers will make give the assignments to students assigned to those classes and also make additional copies available in the counseling center.


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