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Curriculum and Instruction Home Page


Dr. Gladys Whitehead

   Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction 


 Syndrae Billings

 Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director

301- 808- 8240 Fax: 301- 350- 0622

Elementary school students on the first day of school




The primary goal of the Department is to work in support of the school system's Master Plan Goal of increased student achievement. This is accomplished by:

  • Development of curriculum for comprehensive and specialty programs.
  • Review and identification of instructional materials to support curriculum.
  • Identification of teaching strategies most appropriate to deliver curriculum effectively.
  • Provide information to parents and community members related to curriculum implementation and assessment.
  • Provide a comprehensive curriculum Scope and Sequence and curriculum guides which clearly delineate essential learner outcomes for all students.
  • Assess, monitor, refine, and evaluate the implementation of an effective instructional program aligned with the curriculum.
  • Provide meaningful staff development through modeling, demonstrating, and presenting in-service programs that reflect research-based "best practices."
  • Assist schools and teachers to identify, and acquire human and material resources to support student learning.