• When is the Bus Coming?
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       When Is The Bus Coming?    

     PGCPS Has An App For That

    Download the new mobile app today and be ready on the first day of school  


    Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) is encouraging parents to try out the new mobile app  

    prior to the first day of school (Sept. 6) for bus stop locations and transportation updates.  

    “In today’s technology-driven and increasingly mobile world, we want to provide parents more information  

    at their fingertips. This school year if you’re wondering when the bus will arrive, there’s an app for that,”  

    said Dr. Kevin M. Maxwell, Chief Executive Officer. 

    In addition to transportation updates, the app provides convenient access to school lunch balances,  

    homework assignments, grades and more. 

    Download the new mobile application in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store   

    using your Family Portal account information, then select your school and choose  

    a preferred notification method.  

    Parents who do not have a Family Portal account can register at  

    tinyurl.com/familyportalregistration. If you need assistance, please contact your child’s school.