• Croom HS

    Croom Vocational High School serves all communities south of Central Avenue in Prince George's County, Maryland. In 1965, Croom was established as an alternative school with a vocational emphasis. At Croom, technology is considered a key tool for student success and is integrated throughout the instructional program. The student population is composed of 11th and 12th graders. All students who apply for admission to Croom Vocational High School have had great difficulty in the "regular" high school setting. The alternative environment at Croom Vocational High School is one of the few options in Prince George's County Public Schools for this at-risk population.

    Croom Vocational High School offers college preparatory, career, and technical education programs to approximately 104 students, including carpentry, a paraprofessional licensure program, and business management.

    We are committed to the belief that our students are the most valuable commodity of our community and are entitled to the opportunity for an education to prepare to proceed with a postsecondary education or transition into successful employment.  Furthermore, we see our students as partners with the school in planning for their future.  The staff of Croom Vocational High School believes that the role of the school is to help each individual realize his maximum potential both as a human being and as a member of society.

    The school staff is responsible for modeling and teaching the skills and attitudes that each student will need to meet the challenges of society. The staff will work closely with parents to maintain open communication about the program, progress, and problems of each student. The staff also will provide guidance in determining the needs, aptitudes, interests, and goals of each student.  To keep up with the changing needs of students, the staff will remain conscious of the necessity for continuing self-assessment and continuing education. It is only through such efforts that education remains alive and meaningful.

    The school administration, in addition to the tasks it shares with all staff members, is committed to setting and fostering a climate in which classroom and other learning activities have first priority; in which students and staff are safe; in which parents, students and staff participate in the development and implementation of policies and procedures; in which discipline and order are maintained through mutual respect; in which a sense of dignity and self-esteem is fostered; and in which everyone is encouraged to do his best.