How to Apply

Step 1:  Download the CBC Application or ask your Guidance Counselor for an application along with your official transcripts. 

Step 2Fill out the 2 page application. 

Step 3:  Effective July 8, 2008, all potential students @ CBC must acquire the following information: 

· PGCPS Transcript

· Final Report Card (from a Traditional HS in PGCPS)  

· Proof of Residency (Lease, Deed of Property, or Settlement Paperwork as well as Bills—Cellular Phone, Credit Card or Bank Statement)  

· Original Birth Certificate with Raised Seal and Parent Names

  • Immunization Record  

Send the completed application along with the proceeding documents to: 

CBC Guidance Department 

5150 Annapolis Road 

Bladensburg, MD 20710

Step 4:  Call CBC at 301-985-5149 to schedule an interview.


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