CBC's Mission

 ClapCommunity-Based Classroom (CBC) is a dropout recovery, alternative high school program.  CBC attracts students who left high school before they earned their diplomas and embeds safety nets to assist these students with this second chance.  CBC encourages students to become life-long learners by offering diverse courses, and providing small class sizes, flexible schedules, supportive staff members, and real world experiences.  

The first step is an interview with a CBC staff member in order to discuss the best way for that particular student to graduate.  After the meeting, there are usually two main possibilities:

If the CBC dropout recovery, alternative high school program seems like a "good fit" for the student, the student can enroll and take classes at CBC.

If there seems to be a better option in order to graduate, CBC will help the student enroll in that program/school.   This "better fit" might be because of the courses the student needs, student work schedules, parenting responsibilities, transportation difficulties (due to distance from CBC)...anything that might prevent the student from being successful at CBC.  

The results of the dropout recovery, alternative high school program have been 'OUTSTANDING'!  Since CBC started in 1989, thousands of students have graduated from CBC!  Remarkably, since beginning with the Class of 2008, CBC has graduated at least 100 former dropouts, annually!  So, CBC can, and does, work! 



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