• News Release: Statement from Prince George's County Public Schools CEO Dr. Kevin M. Maxwell on Today's County Council Budget Action

    May 28, 2015
    For Immediate Release
    Office of Communications
    UPPER MARLBORO, MD – “We are extremely disappointed at the level of funding this budget provides. We operated in good faith that our council members were finally committed to doing right and adequately investing in the school system our children so richly deserve. On behalf of the children and all of us in PGCPS, I want to thank the County Executive for having the courage to elevate the conversation on education.

    Unfortunately, this council action continues the tradition of chronic underfunding for our schools. Moreover, it sends a message to our children and all Prince Georgians that an investment in education is not a top priority. When it comes to our children, we desperately need officials with conviction and the political will to lead rather than follow so as to create a better tomorrow.

    PGCPS presented a comprehensive strategic plan with an accountability system and a companion budget request that promised rapid improvement by the year 2020 and a quality education for every child at every school. While we remain committed to providing the highest quality education to the children of Prince George’s County, we now face some extremely tough choices on how rapidly we can implement the plan and what goals and strategies can be achieved to satisfy the growing needs of our students, teachers and schools. There is no question this decision will have lasting impacts on the future and quality of life in Prince George’s County.”
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    Prince George's County Public Schools (PGCPS), one of the nation's 25 largest school districts, has 208 schools and centers, more than 130,000 students and nearly 19,000 employees. Under the leadership of Chief Executive Officer Dr. Kevin M. Maxwell, the school system serves a diverse student population from urban, suburban and rural communities located in the Washington, DC suburbs. PGCPS is nationally recognized for innovative programs and initiatives that provide students with unique learning opportunities, including arts integration, environmental and financial literacy, and language immersion.