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Office of Communications
Last modified: 8/22/2014 11:41:18 AM

Recently, some Phishing emails have been sent to members of our organization. These emails can compromise your account and allow access to your contacts list as well as other resources. If you receive an email (even from a pgcps email address) with text such as the following below, please delete it immediately.  Do not click on the link. 

This is the text of the email: 

From (display name):  PGCPS@HelpDesk

Subject: Notice

Dear User

To re-validate your mail account please click on the below link....

No member of PGCPS IT staff will ever send you an email asking you to click and submit your username and password.  If you have already clicked on the link, please change your password immediately on any Windows computer connected to PGCPS network or by going to Contact your school-based IT Technician or the Helpdesk for further support.