• Mission

     Our Vision  

        We work harder everyday to equip our scholars with the skills they need to get smarter.

    Our Mission  

      Our mission is to build a community of learners by providing high quality instruction so that: Students become college and career ready while building character development; Parents are actively involved in the school; Staff grows from the experience; with the goal of the Community to expand and improve the quality of life.  

    Our History  

    Columbia Park first opened its doors in 1928 as a two-room schoolhouse.  Much has changed since those days!  Columbia Park has a national reputation for Excellence in Education and our motto is " High Expectations for All."  Our school has been selected and honored by the President of the United States as a model of excellence for the nation and the United States Department of Education awarded Columbia Park its highest honor as a National Exemplary School.  We have received citations of honor for our excellent program from the Governor of Maryland, our United States Senators, our U.S. Congressman, the Maryland State Board of Education, the Prince George's County Council, and our County Executive.  Columbia Park firmly believes that if we hold high expectations for our youngsters, they will feel successful and achieve success in our academic curriculum.  Our standards are high and we ask great things of our students, but we must set our sights high in order to achieve growth and progress.