Welcome to Clinton Grove Elementary School

9420 Temple Hill Rd. Clinton, MD 20735 

Phone: (301) 599-2414    Fax: (301) 599-2412


 Student hours: 7:45-1:55



  Principal: Jamila Mannie         Assistant Principal: Traci Finley-Jeffries       CSEP Coordinator: Dawn Brodus-Yougha
                                                                                                         Clinton Grove Elementary School's Mission

The mission of Clinton Grove Elementary is to prepare all students for further schooling and for their ultimate role as productive members of society by assuring that they have acquired the following:
*  Functional knowledge of reading, mathematics, and writing
*  Basic knowledge of the natural world and man's relationship to it
*  Respect for self and others
*  The ability to set and fulfill realistic goals

Prince George's School Mission

The mission of Prince George's County Schools is to ensure that all students acquire knowledge and develop skills and understanding that will enable them to become productive citizens and lifelong learners in a technological, diverse, society.

The mission is accomplished by identifying and nurturing strong instructional leadership; establishing high expectation for all students, parents, teachers, staff, and administrators; implementing a rigorous, technology-infused curriculum; emphasizing effective learning strategies for students at all performance levels; maintaining a safe and orderly school environment;monitoring students progress, resulting in appropriate adjustments to instructional programs; developing high levels of  accountability; and cultivating meaningful and community involvement.