• Uniforms

    Chillum Elementary School is a MANDATORY uniform school.  Proper uniforms must be worn by every child, every day, unless noted for special occasions.  All uniforms must be neat and clean.  Students should take pride in their appearance.  If a student is fully out of uniform, then he/she will be sent to the Main Office.  A parent or guardian will be required to bring the appropriate attire to the school for the student.  Violations to the dress code will result in school disciplinary action.  The school uniform program will accommodate students’ religious expression.  Days when uniforms are not to be worn will be announced via handouts or call out system.

    The school uniform consists of:

    Uniform Colors: Navy Blue with Light Blue 

    • Navy Blue Uniform Pants, Shorts, Skirts, or Dress    
         (Must be fingertip length)
    • Light Blue Uniform Long or Short Sleeve Shirt  
         (No thermals or long sleeve t-shirts under uniform
    • Navy Blue, Black or White Socks 
         (No colorful or patterned tights/socks, No leggings)
    • Plain Navy Blue Uniform Sweater (No Hoodies)
    • All Black Sneakers EVERYDAY