• HSA Exam

    High School Assessment (HSA) 

    Congratulations to those students who passed the HSA you are one step closer to graduation! 

    For those students who did not pass all the exams, we are offering an extended learning program that will strengthen the skills needed to pass the HSA.  Please understand that it is extremely important for those students who did not pass the HSA to take full advantage of this oppurtunity.  Below are a few documents for students and parents interested in this program.

    We are currently offering AVP and/or CEP courses to assist those SENIORS who have not passed the HSA.  If the student is not enrolled in an AVP or CEP course, the parent should contact their assigned Professional School Counselor.


    For more HSA information refer to the below HSA Exam link or email the schools HSA Testing Coordinator Ivora Washington.

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