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    Greetings Parents and Students, welcome to the information page for Charles Herbert Flowers High School Counseling Department. We plan to inform you of the latest events and resources that will help students to succeed in high school and plan for the future. Please check with us regularly for updates.     

    Counseling Direct Number: (240) 696-8215

    Counselor Email Address Caseloads (last name) Extension
    ST/PLTW/Computer Science/Fire Science/Pro-Start 
    Ms. Dubose Fern.Dubose@pgcps.org  A-Ji   81019
    Ms. Mason Kari.Mason@pgcps.org Jo-Z 81020
    Mr. Phillips  jason.phillips@pgcps.org A-E 81017
    Ms. Mosley Maxine.Mosely@pgcps.org F-Me      81022
    Dr. Bostic  Shenice.Bostic@pgcps.org       Mf-S 81021
    Mr. Groves      frederick.groves@pgcps.org T-Z 81032
     3D Scholars
    Ms. King  heidi.king@pgcps.org  3D Scholars 81018
    Counseling Support Staff 
    Ms. Brockelman kbrock@pgcps.org Registrar 81007
    Mrs. Cummings georgette.hammond@pgcps.org Counseling Secretary 81015

    School CEEB Code

    For your convenience here is Charles H. Flowers High School College Entrance Examination Board Code: 210980

    Student Service Learning Hours

    Independent Student Service Learning Hours are a graduation requirement.  Please refer to your counselor to inquire about the amount of hours that must be completed for your graduating class.

    Counseling Services

    In several schools in Prince George's County, free individual counseling and workshops are available for students and parents. For students, these counseling sessions will discuss decision-making skills, anger management, self-esteem, attendance, alcohol, tobacco & drug prevention, motivation, and goal setting. For parents, these workshops will discuss handling stress, alternatives to television, parent-school communication, single parenting, grand-parents as parents, anger management, and effective discipline. For more information, call 301-749-4567.

    Homework for Parents

    With so many distractions in today's society, now more than ever, it is important to stay abreast of your teenage child's academic and social progress. Your child needs your guidance in preparing for the future.

    Things to do:

    • Establish a relationship with your child's school and teachers. Don't always wait for educators to call you be proactive and initiate the contact. Research reveals a higher level of achievement for students whose parents are involved in the school.
    • Gain an understanding of your child's talents and interests. Use excellent websites such as www.careersandcolleges.com to relate their talents and interests with colleges and/or careers. The computerized guidance counselor will help guide you through the activities.
    • Continue to insist that your child respects you, others, and most importantly themselves. The development of high self-esteem, manners, and a positive attitude is critical to their success. Parents, your actions speak louder than words.


    Summer Educational Opportunities

    Click on the link to find a webpage dedicated to summer activities/programs for our young people to attend.


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