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Chapel Forge

Early Childhood Center 

Hand in Hand We Learn!
This month's theme is:
 "My School and Me"

The first day for Pre-K students will be Tuesday, August 26th

 Preschool and Head Start Home Visits will be scheduled the week of August 25 - 29.

The first day for Preschool and Head Start students will be Tuesday, September 2nd

Chapel Forge is collecting ink-jet or laser cartridges, cell phones, digital cameras.
You can drop off them at school or send in your child's book bag.

 school bus   



The vision of Chapel Forge Early Childhood Center incorporates a collaborative and transdisciplinary approach that addresses children's individual needs.  By providing appropriate curriculum and devising individual accommodations and strategies; all teachers, therapists, paraprofessionals, families, and other stakeholders implement appropriate activities that provide a strong foundation for our students' future success.


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