•   Principal

     The philosophy of César Chávez Dual Spanish Immersion School centers on children and the belief that all children can learn. The faculty and staff, with parental support, are committed to providing the best learning environment enabling each child to reach his/her potential.

    It is our belief that providing students with a program which stimulates their intellectual curiosity, such as the Spanish Immersion Program develops positive personal qualities and well-being. It also fosters respect for individual differences, and emphasizes high expectations for student achievement and behavior.

    It is our belief that “Together We Can / Juntos Podemos” presents an active motto for our César Chávez community. The emphasis of staff working together in a collegial atmosphere, in collaboration with parents and community members, to ensure equal opportunities for all students is paramount. The basic program of instruction which includes language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, music, physical education, art, and health is based upon the Prince George’s County Public Schools Program of Studies. A strong emphasis is placed on the reading/writing process. We believe flexibility must be present to support a diversified program to meet the unique needs of each child. We believe that all students must be given opportunities for enrichment and creative activities in the arts and physical education beyond the basic program.

    In keeping with the mission of our school, the staff and parents of the Spanish Immersion Program at Elementary School, seek to provide a well-rounded education whereby students will value knowledge, become independent readers and develop critical thinking skills in order to become productive citizens of the world. We strive to instill respect for all people in our students. We expect all students to function on or above grade level. Students will use the Spanish language as a vehicle to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills, as well as technological skills. Through a wide variety of curricula in the Spanish language, students will become effective participants in the global community as they gain knowledge of the history, culture and customs of the Hispanic world.

    It is the goal of the Spanish Immersion Program at César Chávez Dual Spanish Immersion School to prepare our students for their future by:

    • having them learn a second language
    • providing a diverse, quality education
    • allowing for opportunities to utilize the Spanish language
    • providing exposure to the cultures of Spanish speaking peoples, as well as focusing on multiculturalism
    • teaching proper and responsible use of all available technological tools and resources
    • enabling our students to access information which in turn will allow them to explore, create, and solve problems in preparation for life-long learning in a global society

    We believe that we are dedicated and enthusiastic professionals who provide a safe, comprehensive, excellent learning environment for the total child.

    José A. Taboada, II, Ed.D.