• Professional School Counseling Office



     Professional School Counseling Office Staff

    Ms. Angela Stewart Department Chair  - Counselor Grade 12 and IB    angela.stewart@pgcps.org
    Ms. Sabrina Booker Counselor -  Grade 11 


    Ms. Charlene Warner Counselor -  Grade 10 charlene.warner@pgcps.org
    Ms. Meghann Kaplun Counselor -  Grade  9 Meghann.kaplun@pgcps.org
    Ms. Latania Jones Guidance Secretary latania.jones@pgcps.org
    Mr. Ricky Byrd Pupil Personnel Worker (PPW)


    Mrs. Crystal Laporte School Registrar crystal.Jones@pgcps.org

    Parent- teacher conferences held  Monday's and Wednesday's from 2:35pm - 3:00pm.
    Please contact Ms. Latania Jones at (301) 499-7080 to schedule an appointment.

    Our Career Center is located in the Professional School Counseling Office.  Students must have a pass from a teacher during class periods and may also visit the Center without a pass during their lunch period.  Information is available at the Center on topics such as post-secondary education, financial aid, scholarships, admission tests ( SAT, ACT, TOEFL), technical and trade schools, and employment.  In addition students are encouraged to use the Internet links shown below in the Center and at home to explore more detailed or specialized information.