• Principal's Welcome Letter

    Sabrina Jones-Smith, Principal             

    Dear Community Partners: 

    AIMing for Success at C. Elizabeth Rieg- Home of the Mighty Bears! Welcome to C. Elizabeth Rieg Regional School. We are a team of educators committed to educating and supporting our students and families. In alignment with the goals and expectations of Prince George's County Public Schools, we provide instruction and supports to ensure that our students are equipped to participate and succeed in assessments, instruction, and IEP goal matriculation, with an emphasis on being prepared for community based postsecondary experiences. We continuously equip ourselves to implement initiatives that support student development and learning as documented on student report cards, IEP Progress Reports, and student portfolios. 

    Rieg Culture-As the Principal of C. Elizabeth Rieg it is my commitment to provide a safe, supportive, and engaging educational environment. Through increased collaboration with parents/guardians, staff, and community supporters-engaging opportunities of learning and development are provided to students to ensure that they are educated and equipped to to interact with their peers and in the community. 

    Carrying Our Able Children Higher – with Professional Responsibility In Developing Excellence is the result of an understanding and belief that through the Least Dangerous Assumption and appropriate instruction and interventions-all children can learn. With this philosophy staff will challenge themselves to be prepared to meet the needs of our students. Thus, “AIMing for Success” becomes the sub-theme which symbolizes that we are able to provide opportunities for our students to Achieve through Instruction and IEP goal Matriculation.  Our “PRIDE and AIMing for Success Campaign” will offer team building and professional learning opportunities for our Coaches. Each Coach will have goals to which they will be evaluated that ensure that instructional, emotional, psychological, physical and safety needs for our students are met.  

    We welcome our community partners with a valid government issued ID to join us on our "AIMing for Success Campaign" with our students.  See you in the "huddle!"

    Coach Sabrina Jones-Smith 

      “Different Not Less”