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    Carrying Our Able Children Higher with...
    Professional Responsibility In Developing Excellence  
    We are creating a school culture of trust and professionalism
    that supports every COACH in leading with PRIDE and in every student
    AIMing for Success! 

    According to Maxwell (2014) "A good mentor is a Coach who makes a difference in people's lives" (p.119).  

    As part of Rieg's "AIMing for Success Campaign" throughout the 2017-2018 school year, 

    the staff will engage in activities and opportunities for team building, developing a mindset of change, and an understanding that trust and relationships matter-as a means of helping our students succeed.   

    How Successful People Grow:

    Personal Investment Time-Frame
     (September 14 - November 9, 2016)  
    Coaches makes a difference in others' lives,  
    They help our students grow.  
    They improve their potential.  
    They increase their productivity.  
    They are essential to helping people effect positive change.

    5 Common Characteristics of a Good Coach:

     Care for the people they coach

    Observe the attitudes, behavior, and performance

    Align them with their strengths for peak performance

    Communicate and give feedback about their performance

    Help them to improve their lives and performance

                                                                                                     (John Maxwell, 2014)