• Initiatives




    “Starting Five” – Focused skill development to increase the number of students moving to less restrictive programs

    Forty-three (43) students have moved to less restrictive programs over the course of 7 years.

    “FAB Five” – Functional Behavior Plans enhanced to include specific strategies for specialized placement outside of Rieg; Emphasis will be placed on the development of appropriate behavior plans with the assistance of Psychologist, Social Worker and Certified Crisis Intervention Instructors.



    “Blue Ribbon Bound”


    “IN” Program – The “IN” Program was to ensure that student’s activities created Instruction, Independence, Inclusion and Internships -Are you IN?  The “IN” program was instrumental in fostering partnerships with nondisabled students in PGCPS by inviting them to Rieg to interact and share their talents & skills with our students, staff and parents alike.

    Previous Participants through the “IN” Program:

    Charles H. Flowers High School

    Bowie High School

    Forestville Military Academy

    Judy P. Hoyer

    Tall Oaks School

    Thomas Pullen Performance Academy


    PROGRAMS/PILOTS -2011-2012

    “Making A Difference”


    C. Elizabeth Rieg Girls Scout Troop 2839

    Recycling Program

    The Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Healthy Schools Program – C. Elizabeth Rieg’s Wellness Council Members attended Alliance sponsored Technical Assistance sessions and other professional development training.


    PROGRAMS/PILOTS -2012-2013

    “Moving Forward”


    New Motto:  “Carry Our Able Children Higher”

    COMPUTER LAB established- Software/Apps & Classroom Lessons

    VOCATIONAL TRAINING SITE –Separate temporary building dedicated for vocational training- Monthly Activities/Lessons/Data Driven.

    DEMONSTRATION CLASSROOM – Created an autism classroom with TEAACH principles

    GYMAZING – Included apparatus in ADAPTIVE PE classes

    “MOVE STATION” – Focused on data collection and movement for students utilizing special equipment for mobility (Innovative suggestions w/ equipment and practical practices).

    RIEG’S CINEMA – Created spaces for additional services as fun activities (SOUND, TOUCH & IPADS – SPEECH/Media Center).

    SENSORY & STRETCH – Included body stretching and sensory within OT arena




    “FANTASTIC FRIDAYS” – New name for the “IN” Program

    PILOT VOCATIONAL COURSE for Skilled Vocational Activities that align with the expected experiences required for Day Program

    PTO Parent Sessions– Fundraising, Toileting Sessions, Behavior Management, Guardianship Aftercare, Respite Care….


    PROGRAMS/PILOTS – 2013-2014

    Carrying Our Able Children Higher” – COACH

    Team Coaching Theory  

    “FANTASTIC FRIDAY” – Included outside performance groups/military bands etc.

    Copier Center – Provided designated areas for copies for visual materials

    Sign Language Professional Development – offered basic sign language

    Improved Communication Log Process

    Life Skill Curriculum – Incorporated Council for Exceptional Children Transition Curriculum



    MUSIC- New instruments

    PILOT VOCATIONAL COURSE for Skilled Vocational Activities that align with the expected experiences required for Day Program



    Carrying Our Able Children Higher- Part II” – COACH

    Team Coaching Theory  

    Fantastic Fridays

    Sign Language Professional Development

    Improved Communication Log Process for Parents

    Life Skill Curriculum with transition aged students

    Student’s Portfolios

    Electives – 3rd & 4th Quarters

    Teacher Partnerships for planning

    ReThink Autism Data Collection Training

    Music Therapy in MOVE Classrooms revisited

    Communication Training

    IEP Facilitators

    Professional Learning Cycles through Videos

    “Kiss & Ride” – Drop off area for students


    PROGRAMS/PILOTS 2015-2016

    “Energized for Excellence”


    “Great Day Every Day @ Rieg”- Customer Services Roll-out

    Revisited Coaching Theory

    Revisited Professionalism Chart- (Staff Appearance, Communication, Attitude, Work Ethics – Expectations)

    Pilot School for Observation Processes (Secretaries, Paraprofessionals & ISEA’s)

    Autism Focus – (Pilot Co-taught Initiative)



    Electives/Skill building blocks – “Starting-Five” – 3rd and 4th quarter

                Exploration of 40 minute learning blocks

    PDLT’s are back!!!!

    Student Learning Objectives



    “Friday Feedback” – Principal conversations; Leadership team

                Mentor/Internship Supports

    Learning Teams – Leadership team providing feedback

    Differentiated Learning Walks

    Coordinators Planning & Providing PD  

    Curriculum Resources (Unique Learning; Vizzle; ReThink Autism; Life Skills)

     “Materials Mondays” – Gathering Resources for collaborative work

    “Wisdom Wednesdays” – PD; Sharing PD information; Learning opportunities; Model Lessons & Demonstrations

    ·         Classroom Planning

    ·         Collaborative Planning

    ·         Re-examining the “chairpersons” role

    ·         Rotating teaching within Teams

    ·         Vocational/MOVE/SPED/Assessment

    Utilizing Proposal form

    ·         Professional Development Calendar/Activities

    ·         Establish a Fantastic Friday Team

    ·         Committee Planning

    ·         Appointing Paraprofessionals to lead  

    Data Wise Processes/Data Utilization

    Establishing appropriate Data Points

    Proof Reading Processes

    Standards-Based IEP’s

    Behavioral Intervention Focus

    Communication Focus – Speech Language

                School-wide Sign Language

                Core Vocabulary Words  

    Announcements, Exposure & Website Updates

    Shared Google Docs

    Paperless to a small degree

    Major “MOVE” Focus – Get up and MOVE!

                2-Minute Work Out

                Equipment & Data

                Rotating teams & students



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