• Mission


    Mission of Prince Georges County Public School

    The mission of Prince George’s County Public Schools is "to provide a great education that empowers all students and contributes to thriving communities" (Prince George's County Public School System, 2016). School systems striving to create an empowering educational community must develop a school climate that values student safety which, in turn, helps to create an environment where students are less vulnerable to predators.  

    The mission is best accomplished through a structure of child-centered learning communities characterized by:  equity and access to a quality education that includes strong instructional leadership; high expectations for the achievement of all students; a rigorous curriculum; frequent monitoring of student performance; extending learning opportunities for students failing to meet academic standards; well trained, certified teachers in all classrooms; enhanced resources; families who are empowered to assist in providing a quality education for every child; a school climate conducive to building positive relationships; a safe and orderly school environment fostering enhanced school pride.  According to Prince George's County Public Schools Student Safety Task Force (2016), school climate include measures such as safety, rules and norms, physical security, social emotional safety, social support from adults, social support from other students, school connectedness, clean and orderly physical surroundings, and effective leadership.  

    C. Elizabeth Rieg Regional School’s Mission Statement

    The mission of C. Elizabeth Rieg Regional School is to develop student’s individual skills to maximize their abilities to function successfully and independently in society.  We believe that all students can learn.  Therefore and without reservations, we accept the responsibility of teaching and caring for all students in a positive and safe school environment. We believe all students can attain their personal best by fostering student’s cognitive growth, vocational skills, and social emotional behaviors while utilizing the highest ethical and moral standards.

    Principal’s Vision that embraces the Mission

    My vision aligns with those of the school district and school in which to lead and motivate a professional staff to focus on students’ multiple needs by forming partnerships with our parents and the community; while enhancing professional and personal development for a professional staff which supports student's growth.  Given this awesome opportunity to shape the school's culture and climate; implement safety precautions; personal care plans; and instructional leadership which permeates an array of exceptional services for some of the most precious & vivacious students in Prince George’s County Public School System.  According to the public comments related to school climate and culture in Prince George's County Public Schools Student Safety Task Force (2016), "school culture should be one of enthusiasm and optimism" (p.16) for both students, staff and parents.