About Us

Our School's Mission:     

Carrollton Elementary School provides a caring, rigorous and engaging learning environment where students feel valued and encouraged to develop into global learners, which prepares students to become college and career focused.    

Our School's Vision:

 Carrollton Elementary School is a respectful, diverse learning community that prepares students for the challenges of the 21st century. Our values are characterized by developing innovative and critical thinking skills; to help students become problem solvers; encouraging students to become effective communicators; and increasing accountability for self-learning; all with a lense on literacy. Carrollton Elementary School promotes high expectations for all students to be prepared for college and the workplace.  

Our School's Beliefs:

In addition to the school district's five core beliefs:  

  •  We believe each child is unique.                                                                     
  • We believe each child can learn.  
  • We believe the teacher is the facilitator of learning.  
  • We believe parents are active participants in their child's education.  
  • We believe in working together to keep our school positive, peaceful, and productive.   

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